In my wish list: Mene24K Gold Lucky Horseshoe and Four Leaf Clover Charms

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It is #menemonday!!!

Why one picks a specific design of anything... clothes, shoes, bags, silver and gold coins, silver bars, jewelry... is very personal.

I have a long Mene wishlist which includes the Mene24K Gold Lucky Horseshoe and Four Leaf Clover Charms. Why these two?

Let me tell you why.

Like many of the women and girls here in steemit I have several bracelets, three of which are very special and meaningful.

The first one is a 24K Gold baby's bracelet. It was a gift from my Dad when I was born. I wore it during my Baptism.

Dad bought this in HongKong during one of his trips with Mommy, anticipating a baby girl for their third child. It has one charm that bears the Chinese character for "blessing, "bliss" and "good fortune".

The second bracelet was a gift from my brothers on my 18th birthday.

It is an 18K gold charm bracelet with three charms: a Lucky Horshoe, a Golden Ball, and a Four Leaf Clover.

And then of course, my Mene24K gold & platinum bracelet of charms.

My Mene bracelet is almost full, but can accommodate four more charms,
specifically this one: and this one:

and now you now know why.


Thank you for viewing this article. I will see you again soon!

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The Silver Saver Channel Bar, ltd. ed.

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Mene 24K jewelry is a great way to build a gold and platinum stack.

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😊 Happy #menemonday!!!😊

Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋!!!!

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Yes, you can buy your Gold now for 15 or 16 hundred Fed Dollars per ounce, or you can Stock up on Physical U.S. Coinage now, and buy Gold for $35 per ounce in U.S. Coinage, after the Reset... That choice has to be your own...

August 12, 2019... 11.9 Hollywood Time...

US silver coinage?
BTW, I meant to ask... what is your opinion on pennies, @pocketechange?

A U.S. Penny will remain a U.S. Penny, but its “Spending Power” will be the same as the Current Fed Dollar...

August 14, 2019... 16.7. Hollywood Time...

Those are the best, they are from loved ones and have very special meanings. These are the ones you keep and never ever sell, and someday the stored up love and positive energies may just do something special for the wearer! There are actual true stories of coins stopping bullets, and saving lives...

PS: Yes, I have a Silver Saver Bar!!! #12 ❣

For sure the two bracelets from my family reminds me of their love and support. Even now when they are all in heaven, I feel secure and valued because of how I was loved by them! And my Mene bracelet signifies my efforts to free myself from the current financial debt/credit system.
And... woot, woot! I am very happy that you have a Silver Saver Bar! I think that my bar and that of my sis, @kerrislravenhill, are special bars and a great silver keepsake (like the steem round) for the friendships developed here in the stacking community... they were made by the biggest and well- known MKBarz. It also demonstrates your support for us. Thank you, my friend, @underground! I appreciate you!

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😿😇you have mentioned that about your family before, I will ask you sometimes in DMs... Sad but lovely at the same time 😇

Wow! Thanks for sharing such a personal and meaningful story @silversaver888:)

I had no idea that you were a stacker literally since the day you were born... guess what?? SO WAS I LOL:

Thank you so much for keeping #menemonday going long and strong, its going to be a great day and all because of you!

I knew it!!! You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth! Hehehe, I still have my silver spoon, too!
Thank you, @goldmatters for the inspiration and example you provide this community by your consistency in talking about your passion for Mene.


Wow, the Hong Kong bracelet from your father must be quite impressive from a culture much more into gold as wealth than we do in the west. I've been in a Chinese jewelry shop with both rich and of modest means as customers.

The 24k Gold from China.., they are so bright, shiny gold in color... I am so attracted to the dragon ring available here in a shop in China Town San Francisco, but it is meant to be a couple’s pair of rings with the Phoenix design as the other ring. I can’t afford it anyway, lol!

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You really look lovely in a cheongsam. Do you have them in other colors?i suppose you get those from Your Chinatown. I want one in pink, if there is such a color in that dress. I’ve seen yellow, gold, black and green.

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My red is the only one and considered a Black one when the Opportunity comes.
I'm always afraid to drink or eat with it on. So delicate.
Always avoid stains of any kind on it and yes there lots of Chinese dress shops in my local China town.

I know you Love Horses Ms. Saver........

Yes, absolutely I loved horses 🐎! I did equitation and show jumping in the past. I haven’t ridden a horse for 15 years now.
Have a fantastic day, @stokjockey😀. Take care.

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@silversaver888, how lovely that you have your baptism bracelet from your Dad, how precious, and the other from your brother. Sweet stacker, you are!🥰 I am Mene crazy and hope to have a collection of these treasures. 🙏💐 Thank you for sharing this. Have a lovely week🌈

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You and me both are Mene crazy, @clitadias. Like I am always checking out my long wish list, and wonder when I could get this or that piece. I think that I will get a pendant next, and then I say.., well then I have to get the chain too.. and it goes on and on, lol!!! Have a beautiful week, my friend. Take care.😍

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