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RE: Unboxing MENĒ Gold • It Never Gets Old! A Lovely 24k Charm For My Wonderful Wife, @randfmomma

in #mene24k6 years ago

What fun! This is super cool and could make the perfect Christmas gift! Hopefully your wife enjoys it! Does Menē sell the chain for these charms to slide on? Or do you have to get that elsewhere?


Yes! They actually have a nice line of rings, bracelets, bands, and 24k gifts. I'd be a bit concerned that 24k bracelets might be too soft and might be broken by some of the heavier charms. This one is over 3 grams so if you had a few charms on a bracelet that might spell disaster 😱

I need to save up for that monster chain so I can look like I gangsta rap on the side 😆

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