💰 A Birthday Unboxing - Breakfast at Menē's 💰

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Breakfast @ mene-3.png

Sunday was my Birthday and the day before we'd spent a fantastic day downtown Chicago visiting "The Bean" aka the Cloud Gate sculpture, The Art Institute (I'm an art junkie - still on an art high!!), and rounded out the day with real Chicago deep-dish Pizza from Edwardo's Natural Pizza… Can't beat their deep-dish! Followed by homemade chocolate cake with buttercream icing!! So, all in all, I'd had the perfect day but I still had to wait until my actual Birthday until I could open the unassuming brown box…

My mother-in-law made a fantastic breakfast of Belgium waffles with macerated blueberries and maple syrup, breakfast sausage, scrambled eggs, fresh oranges and orange juice, and of course milky breakfast tea for this British lass :)

I was on my second helping of waffles when the brown box appeared.


The Present


Enshrouded and nestled in the signature royal blue tissue paper was the now anticipated Menē blue box.



Eagerly I took out the box and pulled at the satin ribbon, releasing the box from its bindings and freeing the lid.



Hastily I reach inside and removed the suede pouch with the Menē monogram. It feels very heavy…. Pulling apart the ties, I'm able to tip out the treasure from within…


Wow! Quite unexpected, the unmistakable Menē Golden Bead Bracelet falls out. Mr. Redwellies has really outdone himself this Birthday! Art gallery and 24K gold jewelry no less!!

IMG_3044 2.JPG

The Menē Golden Bead Bracelet is a stunningly simple gold chain bracelet with seven - count them! Seven gold beads, pure drops of 24K gold adorn its length. The beads shimmer and shine, catching the light from every angle. It's breathtaking!

I'm gushing over it! And I asked Mr. Redwellies why he chose this for me as it is indeed incredible and oh so heavy. He simply replies…

"It has seven beads; how many are we?"

As you may know, we are a family of seven being blessed with five amazing children, so this piece represents us... our family. Making this bracelet even more special and symbolic to us.

Well played @goldmatters and @roysebag

I mentioned above how heavy the bracelet is, it weighs a hefty 13.3 grams of pure 24K gold… wow!!


As with all Menē 24K purchases, in the box you'll find the COA complete with weight as above, your receipt, bag and of course the Menē 24K item beautifully contained in the signature Menē box tied with a ribbon. All ready to present to that special someone.

I've written quite a few posts about Menē 24K and being as we're repeat customers, believe me when I say that it's an investment that shouldn't be missed. I only endorse products or services that I really believe in and Menē 24K is no exception.

My other Menē 24K Posts:

If you're in the market for a timeless investment piece, be sure to check-out Menē 24K

Until next time Menē…

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Original content by @redwellies


Wow! Breakfast at Menē s! That’s hilarious :) why didn’t I think of that?? Another heartfelt and incredible post. Thank you so much for supporting Menē and happy birthday!!

@goldmatters Ha! Thank you and glad you liked it :) We're happy to support Menē, it's easy when you're dealing with an extraordinary concept and company.

And thank you for complimenting the post as a whole, it was fun to write and share :)

I also want to mention how high quality this post is. The photos, the storyline, the theme, great content @redwellies

@goldmatters, you are correct, @redwellies is a very talented marketing professional outside of Steemit as well, she does have a gift for writing and storytelling in short form.

That is awesome! No wonder her posts are so good :)

Beautiful bracelet — wow!

I’d say well played by Mr. redwellies 😁👍
Happy B day!

Every once and awhile I get it right

@thedamus Thank you! Mr. Redwellies really did get it right and then some :)

That was a nice birhtdate I wish you to celebrate many more Cate!

I love gifts with symbolism and if they are worth their weight in gold better! a great jewel by Menē

good hand @Mr. Redwellies ;)

@beiker Thank you! It was a perfect and memorable weekend with the family :)

As far as I know, branded jewellery mostly comes in 18K. So, this, 24K baby, is very generous and hefty!

Edit: 'Lass', seeing this word is so brit. You originally are from UK? Thought you were an American.

Edit 2: Buying Hunter at the hut.com may be cheaper, regular discounts there.

@prch It really is :) Menē 24K are experts when it comes to 24K investment jewelry to wear and treasure for years to come.

And yes, I'm from England but live in the states now :) Oh, and thanks for the tip on Hunter boots, I'll be sure to check them out.

Mrs. Wellies is pretty happily happy! Happy Birthday to you. ♥ I'm pretty sure you have a great day!

@dawnsheree Lovely day :) Thank you for your well wishes :)

Hey @redwellies, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! :)

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And happy birthday

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