Menē24K connecting your past, present and future

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If you've read some of my other posts here and here about Menē24K, you will already know why it should be a part of your investment portfolio, but today I wanted to look at it from another angle. How Menē24K has connected my past, present and future.


The Past
This weekend is my Birthday which means I'll be wearing some of my late Nanna's jewelry as I do for every special occasion and the choice for my Birthday is her gold gate bracelet which was made in Birmingham, England in 1904. Originally it belonged to my Grandfather's mother, my great-Grandmother and then his wife, my Nanna before I inherited it. It will at some point be passed on to one of our daughters.


I typically don't wear yellow gold jewelry and prefer the tone of white gold, silver or platinum, but I adore this bracelet and not just for sentimental reasons, I love the color and intricacy of the design. It's in original condition apart from the gold safety chain which my Nanna added - hard to believe it's 114 years old. A testament to how gold jewelry can stand the test of time.

The Present
Knowing how much I love this bracelet and what it means to me, Mr. RedWellies presented me with a beautiful, simple and elegant, Menē24K gold ring for Valentine's Day last week.


I love the Menē24K ring on so many levels. My hubby thoughtfully bought it for me, looks fantastic on and is heavy to wear which feels great. From an investment standpoint you cannot go wrong with gold and if you ever change your mind, Menē will purchase it back from you minus a small fee. Why on earth you would ever do that is beyond me, but it's nice to have just in case :)


They go wonderfully together!

The Future
As with the bracelet, my Menē24K ring will be passed down to one of our children for them to either enjoy as a timeless piece of jewelry, an heirloom to treasure or as it's 24K bullion grade gold, they could easily sell it for fiat, but hopefully we have taught them well enough and they understand the value of precious metals over paper currency.


Either way, it's a great investment in our future and theirs and will increase in value as the price of gold does. Click on this link to find out more about Menē

As a side note, and as I mentioned above this is my Birthday weekend and a brown non-descript box arrived yesterday and much like last week was addressed to Mr. RedWellies from Menē!!!


Which means @goldmatters & @roysebag, there will be another unboxing like this one, in the very near future…

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Beautiful post!! That is one smart baby!!! Thanks again for a very thoughtful and touching article :)

Thank you @goldmatters, I love writing articles about Menē24K! As for the baby, lol, we like to start their gold education early around here :)

Fantastic post. It's so difficult to describe the feeling whenever I see someone appreciate what we worked so hard to make a reality. Everyone told us it would be impossible along the way. It took 10 years of thought and reflection and 2 years of actual investment and work but Menē is now a reality that will forever change the jewelry industry and the investment world. Menē is a company that I am proud to stand behind and commit my life towards.

@roysebag Believe me when I say "thank goodness you didn't listen to the naysayers!" Everything that we as a family @matthewwarn have experienced with Goldmoney and now Menē has truly been exceptional. You have customers for life!

Menē has indeed changed the investment and jewelry world for the better and I can't wait to see what you'll be offering next, just like I can't wait to see what's in the package that I'm having to wait to open...!


@goldmatters Please tell me you're not kidding about this :) We have 5 kids so be sure to let us know! And if I know anything about you guys and the way you think, whatever you come up with that encourages kids to invest in gold for their future will be brilliant!

Enjoy your birthday weekend Cate!!
the jewels are fantastic and that baby is sooo lovely!!! <3

Ha! Thanks @beiker I'm having a lovely time with family ♡. Curious to know what's in the box lol :)

Happy Birthday @redwellies! I'm glad that you are having fun. i wish you all the best and more cake. ^^♥

@dawnsheree Thank you! 🎂Mmmm cake lol... I can't wait... it's chocolate :)

OOoh @@ love cholocate!

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