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RE: Pure Platinum Mene Dice Back in Stock and Looking like A Snack

in #mene4 years ago

I have yet to make my first MENE purchase, but I created an account a couple of months ago. I haven't gotten into the whole SteemMonsters thing, either. I've been busy increasing the size of my silver stack. With prices going back down again, I'm happy to add some more weight to my stack. But, this is all VERY interesting to me. My 3rd Anniversary is coming up, and my wife is going to need some BLING !!! MENE seems like it will do the trick.


Thats awesome! Mene is perfect for the exact scenario you describe. If you are going to buy jewelry, it might as well be the only kind the will retain its value .... 24k ! Feel free to link me any future mene content. I’m hoping to see an unboxing one day :)

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