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Good day my fellow steemits.

Previously I wrote on what really a woman and a wife made of. There a question asked; if you want a woman or a wife as a man and also as women if want a man or a husband. Though I know a lot of people will find it irritating while some will acknowledge it, but I wrote it with a good heart and from my experience that's the best of what I can do. And I asked and requested for contributions (comments) from people because we are all learning.

Today I will discuss on the issue as the title above. MARRIAGE--- to some people it's a good thing, and to some people it's one of the worst thing that can ever happen to you. While to some they are still given it a thought. Some are even afraid while some insist not to have a taste of it. But could this be true? Is marriage really a good thing? OK then if it is, how sure are you?

YES marriage is a good thing and will always be. Marriage should be something beautiful, something to cherish and something to always dream of. Have you ever attended a beautiful wedding? Have you ever seen a lovely couple? Have you ever seen a happy family? Well i believe you have witnessed all this. Since you have witnessed all this, then why do some people always afraid of marriage when they are buoyant enough to go for it? Why do people already in it becomes tired and divorce?

I asked one man why he never married upon all his success, he replied that his not fearing marriage but he can't handle the issue now. But i wonder if there is a difference between fearing marriage and not ready to handle its issues at successful age of 46.

Like i said earlier marriage is a good thing and will always be. I have met a man who told the public that his wife is a gift from God to him, I have met a woman who said same thing too. If marriage is not a good thing God would have turned us to animals at first.

Marriage they said is a union of man and a woman to become husband and wife. And a definition defined marriage as situation where people into it are struggling to leave and people outside it are struggling to enter. But i state that marriage is THE GREATEST FEAR OF A BUOYANT MAN WHO IS NOT A MAN AND A WOMAN WHO IS NOT A WOMAN.

The definition said it's a UNION. And you must believe with me that whenever you union two things automatically they become one. Becoming one means they are not different from another. I watched an interview on television recently where they were interviewing two couple on their marriage journey. With smile and touching his wife the man said it was never easy but they did it because they are not two but one. Honestly I was jealous and wish am married.

Yes like the man said it was never easy and that the truth because if it's easy they won't see something good out of it. Many Times we are the course of our problems because we don't know the problem. The problem is most of us think we will get everything in a plater of gold. Because of this they are tired of or couldn't face the war. Marriage is a one eye open and one eye close war. You close one eye and pretend that one is blind so you can't see anything.

A man who marries the first wife and divorce, the second wife and divorce, the third wife and divorce too is he a descendant of solomon?. I don't think that there is a problem with the wives but the problem is the problem man himself. He who can't handle his marriage, can the person handle a post and achieve something good without problems? Though some time either the woman or the man is course of marriage failure, that's why i state that marriage is THE GREATEST FEAR OF A BUOYANT MAN WHO IS NOT A MAN AND A WOMAN WHO IS NOT A WOMAN, but that's topic of another day. So what am really standing on now is protecting your marriage and make best out it.

If you can't stand the war why did you go for it? And if you can't go for it you are not man/woman enough (unless you want to become a Catholic priest). You have no option than to stick to your marriage and protect it or divorce or not go for it and become not man enough. THANKS.

Please any/more ADVICE and contributions are welcome because we are all learning. Please use the comment.
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