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Good day my fellow steemits.

As we all know that the power of woman is the man, and I ask, is the power of man lies on the hands of the woman? Till tomorrow I still not get the answer... And am still figuring out what the answer will be and look like. Though I know that one of the weakness of a man is woman--- that is a man who want a woman to weaken him. But does that really means the power of a man is in the hands of a woman? --- well I agree and disagree on the question. YES!! The power of a man is in the hands of a woman, but NO!! The of a man is not in the hands of a woman.

I know a lot of you reading this will be little confuse asking what is this guy up to. But i will still ask another question--- MY WIFE and MY WOMAN (or a wife and a woman) what make them similar and different? What i mean is, do you think they are in the same category? YES!! They are, NO!! They are not. But this answer depends on you, how you see it and what you want.

I was reading an article one day and I come across where it says "HUMANS ARE UNPREDICTABLE EXACTLY LIKE WOMEN". I pursed for a while because I couldn't understood the phrase. Giving a deep tought on the phrase I come to a conclusion the word ""WOMAN"". Now I will give you a test, ask ten women what they want in a man or their man to be, and also ask ten men what they want in a woman and their woman to be. Then you will see the difference and understand that most women want to create a man with their own hand hahahaha.

Recall that I answered yes and no above on if a wife and a woman are on the same category. This is simple--- Proverbs 18:22 in the bible says "he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtain favour from God". It never said he who find a woman. From this I think you are seing the big picture. Again wikipedia defines a woman as a "grown female adult" thats all, but the same wikipedia defines wife as a "female partner in continuing marital relationship". Mark the word "PARTNER". This means that a wife cannot necessarily be a grown female adult (a defined by wikipedia) but a soulmate. All wives are women but all women are not wives.

COMING TO MEN, most men got confuse about a woman and a wife, therefore most of them make ( or do make) big mistakes on there reasoning about ladies. They think that asking a womans hand in marriage or marrying a woman is all about helping the lady. What i mean is that they think that they are doing the ladies favour by marrying them but thats is not true.

Let me give a senerio--- one faithfull day i was with some of my friends and we were discussing about my ex-girlfriend (she was the one that make me believe that love can be true though she is married now) when my phone rang, so i picked up the call and the person was one particular girl. So hearing the way we discussed and chated over the phone they become inquisitive asking whom could the girl (particular girl) be. Then i replied them that she is the one that might be my LUCK. Immediately they all burst into laughter at me as if am a fool.

Do you know the reason they laughed at me? Yes its because i said the girl (particular girl) might be my luck. To them it can never be a luck of a man to marry a woman but the luck of a woman whom a man wants to marry since they think that marrying a woman means you are doing a favour to the woman. You see their mentality? But the truth is that somehow they are right and somehow they are wrong.

When a man marry (or wants to marry) a wife , its the luck of the man and he is doing himself a fovour. But when a man marry (or want to marry) a mere woman, its the womans luck and the man is doing a favour to that woman. Thats simple!!

Remember that i gave a test above about asking ten women what they want in a man or their man to be then you will see that you will use truck and be loading all the answers they will give to you, infact hundered trucks can never finish it a day. The reason of this is because most women doesnt even know what they want at all, while most of them that think they know what they want also doesnt know what they want also. Most think that they can get everything on a plater of gold, while some think that manner will fall from heaven (but thats only in the time of Nuer in the bible).

Now look at this, a friend told what happend between him and a girl sometime ago. He said he met the girl and confronted her, after then they started dating. After two weeks of the relationship she called my friend and asked him what his plan was about her, i mean she asked my friend to make a promise that he will marry her (they only dated for two weeks). My friend was suprise and he declined. My friend told me that the girl seems to be looking for someone to tie rope on the neek(hahaha the guy is funny).

Understand this, a real woman (wife) can never ask such question or make such request, but a mere woman can because she dont know what she wants. Reason i said this is that every man want something in a woman ---though there are some men who dont know what they want. You dont need to ask or tell a guy such rather work towards being a real woman. Ask yourself ARE MY A WOMAN OR A WIFE?, after your answer then ask again DO I NE NEED A MAN OR A HUSBAND?. The same goes to men---ask yourself ARE MY A MAN OR A HUSBAND?, after your answer then ask again DO I NEED A WOMAN OR A WIFE?.

I read an article sometime ago, in the article a stament said that what one woman normally says everytime she is praying is "I WANT TO BE A LIGHT TO MY HUSBAND". That is prayer of a wife, and thats what a husband needs. THANKS

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