Hire A Professional Memory Coach For 5 Dollars

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Anarchapulco is slipping away under my fingers because I am in the same horrible financial situation I was before I joined Steem. Although I have already my flight and conference tickets, I am not able to go with my current condition. Powering down my Steem Power is not enough, as I am basically getting nothing for the tokens I have worked for in 711 articles over the past 25 months. I have already sold 700 Steem yesterday and it doesn't even cover my rent, not to mention food for my wife, my daughter and myself. In a few weeks my account will be at 0 Steem Power and I am still in the same position, if I don't act fast.

Hire Me As Your Memory Coach

Out of desperation I am offering now a unique chance to hire me for 5 Dollars an hour. I am offering classes for numbers, words, languages, names, Poker cards and lists of any data.

I am a professional memory coach since 2004 and offer high quality lessons of one hour each on Discord, Skype or Zoom. And of course, you can pay me in Steem.

Some of my former students even became Junior and Senior World Memory Champions. And all my training material was developed together with my friend and 2x World Memory Champion Johannes Mallow. You will never find a memory coach ANYWHERE in the world with my experience for such a low price. I am specialized in coaching children but also adults have praised my work more than often.

Coaching Material Sneak Peak

All material that I use in my coachings belongs to my memory company @thinkkniht and can be seperatedly purchased on Thinkkniht.com.

Memory LessonsMemory Lessons


My Memory Demonstrations

I guess I have to stay home, even if I sell one hundred hours like this - but at least I am trying.

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Definetely, you are going to see someone to hire you. I guess hope that 5 dollar is not that so low for fees

Can you teach how to memorize a privaty key lets say for bitcoin? Le at least the Pass Phrase?

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Sure! A 12-word Passphrase is very easy. A proper private key is more complex but also possible!

I've tried associative memory techniques and they don't seem to work very well for me. I think for people with "normal" brains, this should work. I suffer from prosopagnosia (commonly referred to as face-blindness), where a section of the brain is "defective". I also struggle with numbers and names. I doubt anyone could help me unless they find a way to repair the brain itself. Some researchers attempted to help another prosopagnostic with the use of a special program they developed and failed. Just be aware that not everyone is the same.


I am very sorry that you are having that condition. And you are probably right, memory techniques might not work for you.

Just be aware that not everyone is the same.

I am.


Did your icon used to have a mouse on it before? Or am I mixing up your name with someone else?


Yes, I had a mouse avatar up until late 2017. Great memory ;)

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Just for certain things. I can't recall faces, numbers or names very well, so if someone has a similar name, I get confused. It is very strange how that works and for most of my life I didn't even realize I was different than others. The mind really is a mystery.

Feeling sorry for your situation but ups and downs are part of life.
It's good that you disclose your skills and get the most of it.
Just try harder.

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Try to sell those lessons on fiverr to increase the target public... also, you should try to get a real job, sorry for being honest, but the bear market is probably far from being over... and even when it ends, it's probably going to take at least 1 year of climbing to reach the ATH again...

Hope u the best @flauwy, I remember the time where we were talking about 2018 anarchapulco and the crypto SMART... how things change in 1 year... if you ever need someone to talk to I'm here and u can probably reach out to Phil AKA ValorForFreedom too, last time I spoke with him he had a blog and referral website and was making a living out of that and his translation business...

I just saw you on the vid from illucifer, so your atleast on your way there!

I dont want to sound like im an expert, but regarding this..

because I am in the same horrible financial situation I was before I joined Steem.

You must know much about the mind being a memory guru?! :P

I hope that this is the last time for your sake that you will ever be writing this and never again thinking this, or even worse, comparing the now to the past!

The Law of Attraction is as real as anything else so if you write this (which makes it even more powerful) and think this, then this is what you will create as a reality!!

Great skill you have there, and you can definitely teach people on BRAIN WALLETS! and I see you have one seed request already :)

Big Love & Abundance!