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in memes •  4 months ago

Just when you thought the shitcoin parade was coming to the grand finale', along come DeezNuts!

Just wanted to share the webpage of this stale meme erc20 ICO (actually, INO in this case according to the site) that knows it's a memecoin and is running with it,

it's pretty funny and clever if you like immature humor (and I do and you probably do too if you're reading this)

I am not a financial advisor and I am DEFINITELY not suggesting that you hold DeezNuts.

But you have to read this site, it's pretty good for a chuckle.

With over 7 and a half billion coins in total and a price of 1 million Nuts per 1 ether to buy in it's almost worth grabbing a couple of DeezNuts just for the fun of it. Hell, it's scarcer than Doge.

I can't imagine any centralized exchange wanting to handle DeezNuts but that probably wont matter in the future.

The only part that disappoints me is their symbol, it's just a stylized "D" (as seen at the top of this post) they went so far and then dropped the ball(s?) on the potential for their symbol. I mean can you imagine DeezNuts on the top of the Bittrex market page for top 24hr volume?

But I guess you need a "D" to go with DeezNuts or the whole package is useless, right? HA GOTEM!thisguy.png

-@raddog out.

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