Steem Memes And A Late Update

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So I know it has a been a few weeks since I put out the last video. I am waiting to do the next full on update post when we go live on steem (we are working hard to hammer this out). So in the meantime, here is a small update

So, what has been happening with the Memehub platform? GUI bug fixes, mobile app GUI updating, and Steem code work. We also have a lot of dank ideas for the next round of work to the platform; these will be presented in the next major update post! So stay tuned! Keep memeing! And keep Steeming!

I have started to take the time to make one dank steem meme per day on an ongoing basis, so follow Memehub on Twitter.
Comment your dank steem memes for an upvote!


Is is a plane, is it a bird?... No! it's a memehub update ! the memegods have answered.
Anyway lets poke fun at steem

Feels like Old Steem to me to-- !! Wait, the money is halved for low payout posts,

pocketsend:[email protected], play around with the token of fun - POCKET!

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LOL I can't let you have all the fun, let me get in on this action


post this on twitter and give me the link and I will retweet :)

Sounds interesting... Followed on Twitter!

Nice memes

Would be glad to get into more memes. These are extremely hilarious, keeping the steem lively. The old steem and the new steem above are just funny.

Hahaha these are hilarious. I love the one of Quentin Tarantino walking around looking at stuff. I feel like I can really relate to that one

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O my Goodness, these memes are hilariously funny

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Autism causes vaccines 🤣🤣🤣

Nice. The funniest thing ive seem today. Thanks for the laugh.

follow for the next batch of steem memes ;)

These memes are really awesome. the new steem actually favors voters to writers

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