Memes I felt compelled to save this week

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Ever since leaving FB and IG, my life has become a lot more open. I waste a lot less time doing stupid crap on social media and instead dedicate more time to doing stupid crap in real life - which is a lot more fun.

As far as time-wasting on the net is concerned, my only guilty pleasure at the moment is 9gag, which is just fantastic if you want to laugh and perhaps even learn something. I have found that the comments section, while it does get toxic it isn't anywhere near as bad as FB or Twitter or even IG, because most of the people are anonymous. It's just a place where people dump memes day in and day out and whenever I am in a taxi or somewhere that I have to wait this is basically my go-to app. Some of them give me so much of a giggle that I feel compelled to save them and here they are.


I have quite a few Canadian friends that I have met in my many years of living overseas and for the "right" Canadian, they are able to take a joke pretty well. There are memes on 9gag that poke fun at every nationality including my own so it's not like anyone is anti-Canadian.

This next one kind of falls into that same category.


I suppose you would need to be familiar with Trailer Park Boys to even know who that is but it's a pretty fantastic series that made the creators a ton of money, especially when you consider that they basically started with zero money and made a hit show.


I struggle with fitness here in Da Nang because I prefer to exercise outdoors but it is so damn hot and humid here that this is almost impossible. Sure the ocean is just "over there" (I can see it from where I am sitting right now) but the lifeguards wont let you swim in it outside of designated areas. Therefore there will be no exercise in that ocean over there either. So I don't exercise much and a drink a lot. I am probably gaining all the weight I lost with an active lifestyle in Chiang Mai as we speak. I could use the above system to help me though.


9gag is filled with stuff like this as well and I think you need to have a special kind of sense of humor to think it is funny. I have that sense of humor, which is why I also appreciated this next meme.


Thankfully most of my friends are not emotional roller-coasters and this is not something I actually have to deal with and on that note, this last one hit me right in the feels and actually made me misty-eyed in public.


While the comments section on 9gag can get pretty heated in a lot of the posts, this one was all respect and plenty of "cry" response memes. It's tragic and something I hope I never have to face. It inspired me to contact my mom and that is always a good thing.

Got any memes to share with me back?


the leaf does seem random; it was meant to create a "canadian identity" and try to woe in the growing Quebec separatists

Your meme posts are one of the highlights on Steemit! :) Might not be as good as yours, but here you have a meme that made me laugh!


This meme format is used frequently and I like it. I have noticed that aside from the drinking and exercise that I do, during the brief period where we were locked down here in Vietnam my life didn't actually change a great deal. I would bet that most people whose job is online feel the same :)