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Tucker on Immigration via Prager University.

In this video, he goes over the history of what Mexico did in the 1970's when Mexicans snuck over to California. It was hurting Mexico when the illegal immigrants crossed the borders.

YouTube suspended me again for telling people about Steemit. So, my videos are gone. Many things are gone. My home videos that I made when I was like ten years old as a kid in Oregon and OJAWALL may be gone. Here is what I wrote to them today, Tuesday, the 30th of October 2018: my email is [email protected] and my message to Google was as follows at around 05:20 PM PST LMS JA:

I do not know why you suspended me. I want to know what happened. Are comments against the rules? Are we not allowed to talk about anything? Is everything banned? I cannot engaged in the community? I cannot ask people what they think about the videos we view and much more? Am I being suspended for being a human?

Screenshot at 2018-10-30 17:18:16.png

Wow that sucks man! Did you manage to get any of them uploaded onto BitChute or the other places?

I've had dozens of YouTube channels and I've been making videos since 1996, which means thousands of videos. Some of them may be on my computers. Some of them may be on backup YouTube channels. A few on other websites. It is kind of a big mess. It is kind of hard to keep track of all of it. My priority is mostly on backing up older videos before backing up newer ones since I started making videos when I was ten. But the newer videos from the past few years, less so.

I hope you are able to recover a bunch of them!

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