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in #memechallenge • 5 years ago (edited)

Hi03.gif My dear Steemit friends,

It's the last day of animated meme challenge deadline. Hurry up to participate!

You can visit the contest post for the information of rules and prize.

Hi04.gif 親愛的Steemit朋友們,

重要提醒 !!! 動畫配旁白遊戲只剩最後一天了!




💝 Here is my version:


💝 We already have some excellent entries here:

created by @nahaha

created by @lydiachan

created by @livinguktaiwan

created by @floatinglin

created by @floatinglin

created by @floatinglin

created by @hag228

created by @xhunxhiss

created by @guyverckw

created by @krischy

不給讚就搗亂Trick or Like by @incrediblesnow

created by @ace108

created by @ace108

created by @ace108

created by @mochi-mochi

created by @may0201

Everyone is so creative!
If your entry is not listed above, please leave the link of your entry.

有沒有覺得大家都很有創意呢?! 哈哈!


Thanks for reading.
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Hi @catwomanteresa. I am dropping by to let you know that I participated in your contest. Keep up!!!!!

Good entry! And be sure to resteem the contest post. Because upvote and resteem the post is one of the rules to qualify your entry.
Good luck!

Oh did I not? hehe.. I forgot to reesteem.
Okay. Copy that!

This latest post of yours is the one that I reesteemed. Your "contest post" is not available for reesteem because it is 9 days old already. :)

oh, yes. I forget the 7 days limit. It's ok to resteem this post.

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showing your process is very cool and somewhat inspiring
I've resteemed your post!

Meme challenge always good @catwomanteresa

Haha! Yes. Waiting for your entry.

Thanks for reply i request you plz upvotes my comments.



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