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Someone needs to make a meme about this. What platforms are you guys planning on using?

I think I am going to be uploading my videos to @dtube now and trying streaming on @vimm

I would like to give @vimm a try since it is created Chiren who also made DUnite which I am pretty active on. As of the moment uploading videos is not in their near future plans which is kind of unfortunate because I would really like all of my content to be in one place. I also know DTube has incorporated a streaming feature on it too so maybe I will try both platforms at first through these uncertain times. I wonder if Steem will delegate to vimm or more to DTube to support this displacement of users with the absence of DLive. It would be good to see. I think all communities like @dunite, @steemgc, and @dlive24hour, and @dlivecommunity should support content creators on both DTube and vimm. @dlive24hour and @dlivecommunity really does suck because well DLive was kind of the base, but I think they will be able to morph into something new.

I am really disappointed in the manner that DLive decided to handle this as I think everybody is. There is just a real lack of information at the moment.

Let me know what you guys are thinking about doing and info that you guys know!



I will continue to stream on dLive, but I will admit I have my trepidations about it. Odds are good that I'll be multicasting to Vimm, and maybe a few other sites.


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Yes its a good move...dont worry dlive is gone..

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Dlives parting ways has been more of a benefit than a loss, and I think a lot of the #steemit community is overlooking that. @vimm now has over 15k in SP delegation which would not be there had DLive stuck around, and I'm sure that number will continue to grow, so that platform looks very promising to me. DLive believes in what they're doing, and I for one will be watching and participating in their platform, not because I'm exclusive to DLive, but because I was a live streamer before I was a steemian and I want to share my streams with whatever platform I feel comfortable on, and I think DLive deserves redemption. They admitted to their faults and now it's time to move on and let the dust settle.

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