Save The Dog Meme

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Today while I navigating my facebook profile suddenly I discovered someone shared a meme on "Save The Dog". Actually, sometimes we forget that this world is not only for us, this earth is for all creatures. I love animals. I love dogs. I wanna say - "Plz, do not kill animals, do not confiscate their foods, do not destroy their habitats. Let them live. They are our friends".

source of meme : Facebook

"Please, do not kill us, we wanna live. This earth is not only for yours"

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i like your thinking..
You have to save them..


We have to save them.


sorry...we have to..not you only

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Nice post da!

Good thought,great job of a great steemian's. Thanks for sharing such an amazing fact, yes all kind of animals have been victimized by the so called civilized living beings, we humans. Thanks for the valuable lessons. Have a great day friend.

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Well done dear friend @royalmacro congratulations on spreading this message
I wish you a great day

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