😂😂😂😂😂. Exactly how it feels like when waiting for approval from the team.

what's wrong with esteem? It's a steem mobile app

Steemit Inc said there would be a mobile app in November.


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The Steem website works amazing on my mobile browsers (Currently Chrome) and does everything, plus functions like many html5 "apps" do in the browser. Now granted they need to speed up their site like Twitter or Facebook, but that is more on their server end and would be the same with an app. Those that need an App for everything seem generally confused as to what is going on and have over stuffed mobiles that run like a slug, and generally have their privacy and digital security flushed down a stinking toilet due to all the app permissions flowing freely through their mobile, contacts, and SD card.
Go to a crappy fast food place "hi have you downloaded our app?" I came here for a bloody submarine sandwich, not for you to mill about through my most personal electronic device, I would rather jam my manhood into that sub slicer over there than download your stupid app, I get a bag of chips with that sub, great thanks!

..... and they waited still

The End

Great joking Dera.

Happy Steeming.