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Hello Steemitians! Hope you all doing great.

Tell me who doesn't love a good meme. We all laugh often when get tickled by a funny meme. The Meme is becoming a trend in the troll world nowadays. So, here is my entry to THE MANCAVE, CHUCK NORRIS MEME CONTEST! A great contest hosted by our beloved, the outspoken @raymondspeaks, Who is rewarding everybody who joins in this contest with brocoins, the token behind the mancave platform. Also, he is giving a bigger reward to the winner!!

Add subheading.jpg

If you haven't heard of The Mancave before it's a fabulous new platform and magazine that focuses on creating a friendly environment for men (not exclusively) to excel at what they do, to support and also have space for men to open up if they wish too.

Come, join us at the mancave! Welcome, sit down, take a load off. Chat with other men looking to seek a connection in this life. I’d love to say that new joiners get their own branded cigars and whisky for the lounge but we’re only a small growing community as for now.

If you’d like to grow as a person then I suggest you check out our workshops and zones. We have contributors that are specialists in their fields and have kindly donated their time to help you. Great, isn’t it?

Oh, and I suggest using the non-judgement zones too – you’ll get a lot out of them. Those places attempt to heal the unseen.

Feel free to join in the fun.THE MANCAVE DISCORD GROUP

Rules for meme contest:

  • These rules, text and picture underneath must be copied and pasted onto your post (including this one or no Bro, sorry!)
  • I'll be posting a picture underneath these rules, please copy it onto your post and caption it/meme it.
  • Please include @raymondspeaks in your post somewhere (so I can find it) and also post your bitshares account name.
  • If you don't have one - go here: and register one.
  • Everyone that takes part gets 100 Brocoin You can only have 1 entry. The winner receives 2000 Brocoins.
  • Nominate and tag 5 friends you'd think would like to give this contest a try
  • use the tag brocontest as one of your tags
  • 10 Bonus Brocoin for a share on social media limited to one share per platform (ie. Facebook, Twitter + Reddit = 30 Bonus Brocoin)

(Picture is in the public domain!)

Everyone loves good old chuck for a meme. In my eyes he's the ultimate man's man. Or at least he was when I was a kid. My childhood hero - so let's celebrate our meme contest with some funnies of him from everyone.

My easydex Bitshare account - mango-juice

Good luck!!

Nominations for having a crack at chuck are

Thank you!

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কত কয়েন পেলেন আপনি ভাই?


100 brocoins. tumi o meme baniye participate korte paro

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Just Follow The Rules 😇 Thank You!


I have to follow the rules before my next post, right mate?


didn't receive your picture, it's broken i think, plz send again mate!



This comment was made from


plz send me the picture again using another app/device!


This is it...those who know knows... That having this toy those days was like owning iphone6 these days FB_IMG_15315295519380521.jpg


yes, today's cellphones are nothing but toys to children!

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@johnskotts wow ! Can I use these logos in future for posts on mancave?


Yes brother...


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Good one! Sending over 100 Bro now :)


hehe.. Great idea @mango-juice. ;p


@NUTHMANhehe. Thank u mate! Plz take a part in this, it ll be fun!

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A mancave sounds like a great idea - if one is a "bro". I like your post though but maybe I start my own "women parlour". Too much testosterone inthe mancave. :-)


yea it is mainly for males, I have to admit!

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upvoted you as i promise friend


thanks bro. are u on discord?


yes I am..


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You really nailed it on this post/meme bro!