SJW Failed Meme of the Day

in #meme3 years ago

If you follow The Other 98%’s Facebook Page (don’t) you might have seen this gem today


So register 4 is the solution to all my problems?

Will he sell me a poster that says "homosexuality is a sin"?

Because I bet he won't and he's just as much of a small-minded, bigoted asshole that the rest of us are.

You know who probably will sell you anything?

A capitalist.

And it's not because he's an enlightened super human. It's because he recognizes the value in voluntary interactions, and free trade. Because he benefits from the transaction. And so does the other.

Also, what the heck is an “LGBT guy”?


These SJWs think they are making accurate analogies, but they completely missed the boat. Too bad none of their opposition is willing to out-crazy them.

Force them to do something they are against.
Like selling racism cards. (I am sure we could think of something better as an example)

It just would go against our very nature to even infer, for sake of education, that we would limit somebody's rights.

This isnt even the same thing at all. If you owned a store and some cashier wouldnt check someone out with something they purchased in your store you would fire them. If you owned the store and were one of those religions you could just not offer those items in your store. They would just have to buy those items elsewhere. The stupid checkout inconvenience would never apply.

Will he sell me an AR-15, or an extra large soft drink, or some incandescent light bulbs, or aerosol deodorant?

Libertarians believe that they should be able to sell their organs on an open market for a profit.
-Andrew Heaton