Spock on Steemit Poetry

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There's some great poetry on Steemit but some god awful shit that seems to attract big dollars, you gotta laugh!


That's very true. At some point, it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. I think people look for when a specific person posts and automatically upvote it hoping to get in on the curation. I was reading the steem white paper recently and it seems that we are supposed to be downvoting poor content, but that somehow doesn't seem right. We don't seem to be a very good crab bucket (you probably have to read the whitepaper to get that reference).

I'm relatively new to Steemit and didn't realise there was a down vote option? I'll definitely look up the white paper thanks!

No problem. Just be aware that I don't think it's common or necessarily acceptable on Steemit to do as suggested by the white paper.

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I'm not particularly surprised by this phenomenon, especially since the larger world acts like formalism never died and as if poetry is just about rhyming or love.

I'm not the best poet, so Im supportive of the simple stuff..... But, I'm pretty sure this is not what poetry is supposed to be about.