Is your crypto going to solve the world's biggest problems?

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Consider a process, denoted by X, of [many] people, forming and following, by the way of discussion in formal languages, another process, denoted by Y. Tau is the case where X=Y.


For more info:-


@kevinwong, saludos desde venezuela

no, because joining in cryptocurency, it must have a lot of capital, and it also depends on luck.

I have studied the development of TAUCHAIN for a long time, including after reading it from several articles published by @rok-sivante at that time. I think TAUCHAIN has really amazing people behind it and a strong community. IDNI will soon grow and it will grow even more, perhaps. Maybe, if there will be more collaboration and intensive.

Thanks for sharing @kevinwong.

I realize that your name is very popular among Indonesian steemits. Warm regards @kevinwong!

at this point I would say yes, maybe I should add some more capital to some markets. And hopefully that won't settle down for quite a while anymore, damn it, for some of my bad experiences at crypto last month.

@kevinwong It is very likely that this will happen

New day new opportunity

Hola en realidad creo que me falta mucho por aprender de criptomonedas pero trabajar con steemit me hace sentir feliz, espero seguir careciendo para tener la dicha de seguir apoyando a los usuarios.Saludos con cariño desde Venezuela.

Actually not, but I really hope that by playing on the steemit platform, which is crypto-based ...
Hopefully it can help my tuition fees in this final year, so that it can also ease the burden on my old father ...


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