Some things that made me laugh this week

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I live in Vietnam, we are under extreme lockdown still and in the following weeks they are going to likely move from extreme lockdown to extreme injection mode. I am not really keen on either one of these things happening and it stresses me out to think about it too much. Therefore, when I find stuff that makes me laugh I like to share it if I can.

Screenshot 2021-09-08 152421.png

I don't even know what President of what country this is referring to but it basically speaks to all of us as to what politics has become in the past 5 years or maybe 10. There is so much BS involved in politics that the President has a full time press person that does all the talking for them and then they have the audacity to say that they can't speak for the President even though that is their job specifically. It's actually the only reason why their job exists.

I stay out of politics for the most part and honestly, I would like to keep it that way because the folks i see fighting online.... what do you really think you are going to accomplish?


I used to never drink beer alone at my house. It just wasn't something that I wanted to do. Now it is something that I do on a regular basis. Thanks Vietnam! I have probably gained 15 lbs during all of this and I hope I have the willpower to alter my diet and exercise after it is all said and done.


I've seen that most people are completely fed up with Rona and are absolutely not at all concerned about it anymore which is the way that i feel a sensible person should approach a virus with a 0.15% chance of killing you should approach it, but at the same time I also have seen stories from people that are fleeing vietnam in a taxi that is with very specific taxi drivers that are fully vaccinated and take covid tests daily as a condition of them being able to drive and of course this make the taxi prices go through the roof. But there are a few people I know that boarded their plane with full hazmat suit, those 95 masks made by 3M, face-shields, and several bottles of alcohol gel for himself and his wife.

Good luck man and godspeed... because that is a level of prevention that I don't think anyone will be able to copy any time soon. Just get your bubble house ready and NEVER LEAVE IT.

Screenshot 2021-09-08 153911.png

I found this one hilarious because traffic is just chaos here in South East Asia and I have been driving in it for nearly 20 years. I actually prefer it to the west at this point. I would much rather be responsible for myself and my surroundings and deal with a slightly more dangerous environment than be in a society that pulls you over and gives you a $100 ticket for a a missing tail-light that there is no good reason why you would ever be able to know that the tail light was out in the first place (real story, happened to me in USA.)

Do more traffic accidents happen over here than in USA / Canada / Australia / UK? Of course, but we also don't have to put up with the stress of Big Brother waiting to give us a ticket for anything under the sun they can imagine. I'll take the slightly increased sense of danger and less fleecing of the public with tickets please!


Next one is just for fun. Kanye, who the last I heard is legally trying to change his name to "Ye" I think, did not play against a wheelchair basketball team but it does seem like something he would do.

To be fair to Ye, I only recently started listening to his music and honestly, I am not even a rap / RnB/ electronic music fan and I like a lot of his stuff.

Maybe just try to not get involved in a lot of the other things that you do though. That would probably be best for everyone involved including you. By the way I exchanged a head nod with Kanye about 4 years ago when I was touring a hotel restaurant for marketing purposes and he just happened to be eating there at the time.

These are things that made me smile this week. Let's hope that we can keep the laughter flowing because waking up and doing the same damn thing every day is starting to get a little bit old :)


Oh, yeah? Well, while you've been looking at memes, I've not been able to get this photo off my mind.

Joe Rogan's nipples are like two extra pinky fingers on his chest. Truly, the finest milkers in the game.

jesus, that's pretty disgusting. Perhaps this is why we never saw him in any health magazines even when he was training at his prime.

I know, they were too scared to show his udders because of all the swooning that would happen from men and woman alike out of sheer jealousy.

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