Sea Dust

in melancholy •  4 months ago  (edited)


I tumbled downward, into the sand, and rolled effortlessly out into the dazzling, raging seas.

And for (what must have been) miles, I rolled forward until I found myself settled into the darkened planks of a lost shipwreck.

Here, they’ll never find me. I will never know the daylight again, I will never feel the fresh, earthy air upon my face.

Even the shipwreck will not be with me for very long, however, as I will soon wither quickly away into sea dust.

That’s right. Sea dust.

I will sparkle in the sunrise as day breaks, but I will not rise with it.

I have doomed myself to this beautiful ocean of madness, and I will lie as I must...

Here in the shimmers, from water to dust.

All content (c) 2019 @paintingangels

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Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

Beautiful poem, full of intense feeling as well. I enjoyed listen to @enginewitty read it out in his words with witty show.

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Beautiful poem! Love the shot!

And welcome to Partiko!

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Thank you times threee!! ❤️❤️❤️

The madness of the sea....


It’ll get ya....

I felt this deeply. thank you



This is really breathtaking, @paintingangels!


Thank you so much, Jayna! Having trouble sleeping and it just spilled out.

Very smooth flow hun, I'll be reading this one today :)


Oh my gosh! I only just now am seeing this. Was it recorded? Just knowing you read it outloud makes my day. Thank you ♥


Yes it was. Will be on next weeks announcement 🤗

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Love this! Beautifully written. 💞