Let's make a toast on HF21 | Beers or Juice in Rotterdam coming Saturday August 31

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Dear reader - Steem has been renamed to Hive since May 2020. My content therefore has moved with me to Hive, and I hope to see you there: peakd.com/@soyrosa.


I'll be happy to join you guys. Thanks for putting an effort to organize it @soyrosa. Let's voice all those opinions about HF21 that we don't dare writing online.

Well if there's beer then @buzzbeergeek will be there! :D See you Saturday - we'll be able to share our stories about HF21 and HF22 by then :D

This is quite a last-minute - if not last-second - call :)
But I'll be there!

Count me in!

Wh00p! I knew you wouldn't miss the chance to meet up with some Steemians and drink some beers :D

And some whining about HF21 😜


Planned that day for collecting my prize at the store in Duiven together with @dboontje...🤔

Other note: isn’t @r00sj3 in the wrong list as she moved outside the netherlands?😇

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Still in Ibiza at a party sorryyyyyyy

I know sweety, don't you worry :D Just enjoy the holiday!

Awe...poor thing, that must suck. Partying in Ibiza ;)

Yes like is a bitch with 38 degrees and lovely hippies around hihi .... and till Sunday so I will suffer in silence hihi

Hehe, yeah I'm sure. Let me know the next time and I'll gladly volunteer to suffer with you ;)

I heard you and @dboontje are already 'out' that day @guchtere @guchtere! :D If you want you can stop for a beer in Rotterdam on the way back home :D

And yes, I'll remove @r00sj3 from that part of the list and move her outside of the country :P

Argh...a bit VERY last minute for me. Shame. Although I had planned to be in the Netherlands around this time...but plans change. And now I can't do anything since I'm gathering money for Steemfest :) But enjoy guys!!!

"@bubke and I will be drinking a beer in Rotterdam from 15:00 onward" such a commitment" 😏

All joking aside, have fun all of you. Love the idea of these sort of meetups, very accessible

:D Yes, we're definitely committed! :')

Well, I hope to see you at one of those meet-ups someday @foreveraverage! Would be fun! Cheers :-)

How fun. I hope to make it to the Netherlands some day and when I do I will let you know and we'll go get that glass of juice!

Oh absolutely! If you’d ever come to The Netherlands I’d arrange a meet-up just for you! :D

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Count me in for that juice @sjarvie5 and @soyrosa😎

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We will :D

Have fun all. can't be there this saturday.. my kids have their sports and have to watch them as I promised it already

Ofcourse! :D It's super last-minute and we'll have more meet-ups in the future for sure, announced a bit earlier probably ;-) Enjoy your Saturday!

Sooo many Dutchies! Just three weeks to late for us, even if we would get on the plane now we wouldnt make it in time ;-) have fun the 31st!

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Hahahaha! Instead I should make it my goal to reach your side of the world :') Cheers!

Thanks for the invite @soyrosa! Unfortunately I’m on vacation in Italy and cannot attend :( I do wish you all a very good night!

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A holiday in Italy is a good enough 'excuse' :D Enjoy it! Next time I'll announce it a few weeks in advance again, this was a bit last-minute for special reasons :-)

Thanks :) It was last minute indeed 😂 I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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