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RE: Boston STEEMIT Meetup hosted by @aggroed and @justtryme90 6:30 Knight Moves Brookline Tuesday August 1st 6:30pm

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Wish I could be there. I've been trying to help in my own way though. Recently I've been thinking about ways to make the steemit platform even better and I think I may have stumbled upon an idea that could REALLY make steemit more popular and functional. I would like to submit a proposal for a feature. I know that steemit wouldn't necessarily integrate this themselves but I think it would be possible to integrate a 3rd party application that fits along those lines. I am not talented enough in coding and app development to accomplish this myself. I would like it very much if I could find some developers on the steemit platform that may be interested in developing such an application and to see if it would even be feasible. I know many steemians would probably be stoked with live video integration! Does anyone know any developers?? I wrote this short article on it but havent gotten too much interaction as of yet.


Rumor is Steemit Inc is coming out with it next year. But who really knows