Steem Meetup - Dublin 7th September, Against The Grain at 7pm

in meetup •  6 months ago

Hi all,

Just a quick reminder that we're doing a Steem meetup on Friday in Dublin. It will be at Against the Grain at 7pm. Here are a few Steemians who have RSVPed:

@wallpaperflower (hopefully)
@eroche (hopefully)
@beanz (hopefully)

It will probably be crowded on a Friday night, message me on and I'll add you to the Telegram group so we can be in contact by text.

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I'll be there.

I would love to see Ireland but I have scenes booked in Budapest:( I hope we will meet and drive the Steemmobile like batman Ha


Well I'll be at Steemfest in Krakow, Poland in November. It will be a big Steem conference and festivalover 5 days. Actually it's like 300 Steem people taking a holiday together.


Steemfest?! 300 Steem guys?! lol I will love this!

hello brother @demotruk

I was so happy when I saw some great people like you who are so consistent with the activities in the Steemit account.

But on the one hand I want to ask a little about how you choose to be consistent in supporting someone who makes a post on a Steemit account?

Bring it to Canada next time.

I hope someday I could meet you all, guys. Specially Ireland. I want to ask Leprechaun to spread his teritory to my country. So I can find a pot of gold in the edge of the rainbow. Greetings for all Steemian in your country!

Thanks you brother @demotruk

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