Meetup #25 - Lunch with Steemian from Aceh, Indonesia

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A few​ days ago, we had organised a BoilerRoom in TTDI and was joined by an Indonesian steemian, @fararizky and sadly another Steemians, @akbarrafs wasn't able to join us as he had other things to attend to at Nilai.

I manage to get contact with @akbarrafs through his comment on my post and eventually we move our communication in Discord. We manage to set up a lunch meetup today ​at Megan Avenue II to meetup


Lunch at MSL China Muslim Mee Tarik Restaurant

We were introduced​ to this ​restaurant by @elizacheng for lunch but sadly she wasn't able to join us as her colleague didn't come back yet and was needed to stay behind to take care of the office.

@joannewong, @akbarrafs and I had to lunch together first as @khimgoh was on her way back to KL that time. In the meantime, we had quite a number of discussion​ together on community, witnesses and steemit itself.


Thanks to Steemit, I'm able to meet a few fellow Aceh, Indonesia Steemians over here in Malaysia and meet up with them as well to exchange knowledge, discussion and welcome each other.

After our lunch, we went up to @elizacheng's office to meet her up and chill around before going off back to home. While I'm chilling over at the office, @kemal13, another Aceh, Indonesia Sndbox member is already greeting me over a DM and asking me when I'm coming over to visit him in Aceh 😂.


It's nice meeting @fararizky, @akbarrafs and @macchiata all from Indonesia over my stay in Steemit and I'm looking forward to meeting​ more International Steemians around the world who are visiting in KL, Malaysia. Do let me know if you're planning your trip 😉 and we can work out some meet up together with Team Malaysia members.

Contact me at Discord:

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Selamat dan sukses meet-up nya @aaronleang.

Semoga silaturrahmi antar steemians dapat memperkukuh hubungan antar negara.

Senang dengan postingannya.
Salam dari KSI (Komunitas Steemit Indonesia)



Yes, Steemit united people, even we're from different country 💪🏻 and good to meet some neighbour citizen as well

Yeay..nice to meet you bro. and oh. Thank you for the lunch. I recomended MSL China Moslem Mee to another Steemian. Maybe I will be here next January


Hey there @akbarrafs... Sorry couldn't join in. Was tied down with another event yesterday


Yeay.. never mind @bitrocker2020 .. I will be here next January. Keep in touch


Nice to meet you too @akbarrafs, you are most welcome 💪🏻

Cool, I'll see you soon again in next January! 😎

Nice meet up @aaronleang. I am very confident that the meeting is a beautiful form of brotherhood among fellow Steemians. @akbarrafs is my best friend in indonesia steemit community Chapter Pidie Aceh. Hopefully next time I can join meet up with teammalaysia.


Sure sure, we could do meetup whenever any International Steemians are here in KL 😉


Woow....a tremendous welcome. see you later in KL. Hopefully!!! Nice to know u brother.

Huahahahahahah, Nice, Man!!!
Hope we meet too someday 😎


Haha sure, maybe a trip to Bandung or Aceh next time, we'll see what we can plan for​ the months coming.👍🏻


Dont forget to bring your @joannewong 😁. She is very kind.


@akbarrafs, thank you for the compliment :)

He is my best friend hehee,


Nice friend,​ you have here 👏🏻

seronok nya dapat meet up macem tu..
sukses selalu @aaronleang


There's always next time 👍🏻 for meetup together!

Success to you too, @riezaldi


Hopefully the friendship between steemians is always well preserved. greetings from me @putraabdal steemians from aceh indonesia


Yes, friendship should always preserve whenever possible!

Lets plan the international meetup.. Hahaha


That will be definitely be an awesome meetup, will need a longer plan haha 😂


Hahaha.. Ayok kita rencanakan untuk meet up tahun depan

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