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RE: 🤗🤗🤗My crazy first meeting steemit in Barcelona!🤗🤗🤗

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It has been a pleasure to meet you steemians! I hope FlaminGirl will set another "rendez-vous" in Barcelona.

I'm sure there is lots of steemians in Barcelona that didn't even know about this meeting. Let's find these lost souls FlaminGirl !!!




I will organize a second meeting in Barcelona very soon! Stay connected my friend;)
We have a new participant @redtravels. :)
I am very excited to see you all again!!!

See you soon!

Very well written! Thanks for inviting us and for our pens, sorry we were late and drunk :P

Nice to meet you too EstefanTT, super interesting guy, would like to catch up properly to hear more.

Let's hope Jed joins up too. And we'll see you next week @flamingirl

Ps. please do check out @steemaid

No worries my friend, it was a very funny meeting! I'm happy to meet you and talk about our experiences!
I suggest Wednesday or Thursday for the vegan restaurant. Let me know ;).

I am reading about @steemaid.

Have a good day!

Nice post... Best of luck