Monday Meditation

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If you’ve ever listened to a speaker like Abraham Hicks, you are familiar with the idea of manifestation and being in alignment with source (ie whatever higher power you believe in). The premise is that whatever you are seeking in your life is available to you if you can tune in to a positive frequency or mindset. I’ve been trying to figure out how to elevate my personal outlook and frequency to achieve some specific outcomes, but nothing has been working yet. So I turned to my Mystic Shaman Oracle cards to find out how to raise my positive vibrations and get into a good mental and emotional space. I think this will be very helpful to anyone looking to eliminate mental and emotional blocks to achieving your goals. So take a minute and think about something you really want to happen in your life, something positive and based in love (ie not your ex losing their job or your bosses car exploding).

The card for Monday’s meditation is The Rainbow

The rainbow represents the seven steps of the True spiritual path, which is symbolized by the seven chakras. The rainbow is a symbol of the full realization of our essence and is the bridge between the physical and spiritual world.

So, if we want to align ourselves with the highest positive frequency, let’s start with the root chakra and heal ourselves from the inside out.


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