Santa Rosa, CA Vedic Meditation Course Jan 12-14

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Join us this January 12-14 for a course in Vedic Meditation in Santa Rosa, CA, USA.

Vedic Meditation is a simple and effortless yet highly effective meditation practice that has been passed down through a lineage over thousands of years.  This makes it ideal for regular people with busy minds who live busy lives. The benefits are many from improved health to clarity of mind, reduced stress, more creativity and productivity and much more.

Session Times

There will be a free information session on Sat Jan 12 at 9 AM at the Wellness Center of Sonoma County (418 Aviation Blvd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403). Throughout that day there'll be one on one sessions and then the course will continue with the following 90 minute group sessions:

Sat Jan 12 @ 6 PM: Session 2
Sun Jan 13 @ 11 AM: Session 2 repeated
Sun Jan 13 @ 3 PM: Session 3
Sun Jan 13 @ 6 PM: Session 3 repeated
Mon Jan 14 @ noon: Session 4
Mon Jan 14 @ 6 PM: Session 4 repeated

If you have already completed a course in Vedic Meditation it is strongly encouraged you attend one or all sessions for free. You'll get a refresher and it's guaranteed you'll learn something new.


Facebook Event


Wellness Center Sonoma County
418 Aviation Blvd (Upstairs), Santa Rosa, California.
(707) 321-9484  

Benefits of Vedic Meditation are many and varied. Here are some

Super easy to do once the right instruction is received.
As much guidance and follow up as you need.
No focus or concentration.
Deep rest that is about 2 – 5 times deeper than the deepest point in a night’s sleep.
Life changing.
Massive stress release.
Greater efficiency and effectiveness.
Feel better.
Gets rid of addiction (even hard core drugs).
Better focus, concentration, balance and more.
Reduced rates of cancer and heart related diseases. 

 Meditation has become super popular however the knowledge out there is littered with misguidance. If you’ve tried the app and tried the book and tried the youtube video and are not getting results consider coming to learn from a professional teacher with almost 2 decades of experience.


Private counsel sessions are available @ $200 per hour. Come with an unresolved issue. Let’s resolve it there and then.


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