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RE: Meditation helps us cope better with negative feedbacks.

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Dear @crypto.piotr,

I have never heard of Wim Hof breathing method and I just check it out after reading your comment.

In the Indian tradition, one gets initiated into meditation by a spiritual master for the sole purpose of spiritual growth. The person who initiates you should be a spiritual master as he knows what mantra or type of meditation is appropriate for you depending on your samskara .

As we meditate, along the way we may acquire some superpowers (i.e mastery over one or more of the 5 elements, which means the elements are now your servants and you are the master) but we are not to display it, unless permitted by our master and for only specific purposes that benefit humankind.

So the discipline is very strict.

By the way, most people are not aware that there are 112 methods of meditation. The meditation techniques that you see being practiced in the west revolves around 2 or 3 of these techniques, usually involving breathing or reciting a mantra.


Appreciate your amazing comment @devann

Have a great upcoming weekend

Wish you a great weekend too, @crypto.piotr.

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