Look Deeper Within

in #meditation2 years ago

It is been days since I started making a habit of daily meditation and the Wim Hoth Method, listening to others that went through hard times and overcame them. I do not know what had brought me to the point of deep self-reflection, it would seem that when you look at the mirror you can see more than a reflection if you look deeper you can find some truth.

Truths about myself, My outward look at the world and others with cynical judgment often looking at the worst in people, I knew it existed and wanted to be prepared for it, it only welcomed paranoia and misery.

I ignored the worst in me. instead of showing love and compassion I showed control, anger in time turned into sadness and depression.

I was so busy looking at people and the pain they caused and how it had affected me so deeply. I couldn't see the flaws of myself. We often times make monsters or enemies out of people without knowing ourselves... we cannot or will not choose to look at ourselves with the same outward look.

Look internal to find what you are first. The truth is often inside of you, you just need to dig deep.

If you do happen to look deep within, sometimes you can see you are someone's monster/enemy.


I think I'm going to resteem your post... and ask you to follow me ... because I will talk about PH and Heavy metal detox... among other things...

Thank you. I did. I am looking forward to seeking more knowledge with you!

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