HuUungry ..OR actually HUNGRY???

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Hunger comes in 9..YES 9 diffrent forms...
1. Hedonic Hunger = Imagine Hunger
Hedonism comes from Greek hedonese and means lust and pleasure... Ya knoow the kind ;) Hedonian hunger means that you get hungry when you see or smell temptations - such as the strategically placed candy just next to your putter- because the mind then lurks you to feel crazy for food and sweets. :P

(My coworkers desk.. he he GUESS what she is?? ) LOL

2. Homeostatic Hunger = Real Hunger
Your body NEEDS new energy. May feel like stomach ache , you may get a headache, get tired, dry in your mouth, light irritated, dizzy and get hard to concentrate. = a real heffer ;)

3. Evening hams
Two exactly the same dishes can be measured in completely different ways depending on when you eat them. The strongest sense of saturation we experience in the morning and the weakest in the evening.
Our body suck at process calories in the evening and therefore stash fat. Our insulin and glucose levels are significantly higher after a meal at 22:00compared to 10:00 in the morning

4. Tech hunger
Jupp that is actually A word LOL
We eat more if we are distracted by; computers, television We not only eat more but also faster if we surf, play games or watch tv at the same time. .....

5. Feelings
If you are stressed and worried, unconsciously, to attenuate the feelings we eat something. Em small helpless emotions - disappointment, stress , inferiority and so on...

6. Dark and ChillY
Winter times it's cold and dark outside and our body temperature is low, we get hungrier, because cold and dark stimulate the desire to eat fat and energy-rich foods.

7. Vanehunger
ITs routine to feel hungry. We often become hungry as it approaches for example lunchtime, if we usually eat at that time
Tests measured the level of hunger hormone ghrelin 38 times in a day, they could see how the hunger of the participants rose steeply in anticipation of an expected meal. But it was not primarily the empty stomach but the ' habit'.

8. Lunch
Your hunger often culminates in the middle of the day. The body then cries for protein and the level of proteases( protein-degrading enzymes) is at FULL peak at noon.

9. Fatigue Hackers
In sleep deprivation , the amount of hormones that stimulates appetite rises, while the hormones that give us saturation feel decrease. And we cant sleep
This is hunger that people easily misstake because the body interprets its need for energy wrong. We experience that we need food to get energy when we actually need sleep to load energy....

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