Do people know longer trust the media ?

in #media6 years ago

Smart people don't trust anybody forget about the Media. A smart person always listens to every opinion but always makes his decision based upon his understanding of the subject.

The Duty of the Media is to report news . But some media houses go to the extent of publishing Fake news. Building public opinion about an issue is also their favourite hobby. Most of the Media Houses are now funded by politicians and business men who have a certain political lineage in the background. As a result the media tries to build opinion in favour of his Masters.

Thus most news channels and media houses are now a puppet in the Hands on the Government/Opposition. Most of them have become so greedy that they don't even care about humanity. The social responsibility that a democratic society put on the media has become history.

But the media is not the only one responsible for this debacle, the people share equal responsibility. The majority of the people are gullible enough to believe everything coming out of the media doesn't matter how absurd or illogical it is. Secondly people expect the news to be free. You cannot get a free cup of tea in this world, how can news be free ?


To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

My sources say no

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