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What is Make-A-Whale?

@make-a-whale is a community project to create a whale that always supports its feeders. You support it and it supports you. It upvotes each member once in a 22 hour period. @make-a-whale will post each day, that post needs to be upvoted by each member. There is also a bonus 100% rotational upvote.

Steem Power2768
Delegated14 698
Voting Power91.62%
Upvote Weight6.6%
Current Upvote Worth$0.09

MAW 2.0

Ladies and gents, welcome to the new and improved MAW. MAW has been around for more than a year now and it has worked pretty well for most of the members. The only flaw that MAW had was that it could not allow many new members to join. So with this update we will be tweaking settings and rules in order to let new members join.

All the old members do not have to delegate according to the new rules (the joining delegation). The voting weights will be slightly lower in order to allow more VP for new members.

New members can join by delegating a minimum of 150 SP and taking part in the daily upvote on @make-a-whale's posts. (50 000 / your SP = upvote weight)

Old rules for joining still apply: the minimum amount of SP required (500) and a Steemit Reputation of at least 50. In the case where you do not have the minimum amount of SP to upvote or delegate then we can look at paying a direct steem fee. (This is not advised since it is only profitable if you post daily)

Upvote Brackets:

The way the upgrades work will now also change to accommodate the new members. The upvote weights and values will decrease, but so will the fees. For example, each upvote bracket will equal 150SP. Then to double up on your upvote weight you can delegate 300 SP, triple will be 450SP and so on. I also decided that those who want to delegate to get larger upvotes will also get a slight bonus percentage.

Current weights

LevelUpvote WeightBonusFinal upvote %Upvote worth
#1Basic upvote-6.60%$0.06
#22 x Basic upvotex1.114.52%$0.18
#33 x Basic upvotex1.12522.28%$0.28
#44 x Basic upvotex1.1530.36%$0.39
#55 x Basic upvotex1.17538.78%$0.49
#66 x Basic upvotex1.247.52%$0.60

Made some slight adjustments. The voting weights are quite lower but I need to see what the VP will do at current rates. Please bear with me while I test and finetune the new system a bit. =)

Weights can change weekly depending on member activity and post count. Paying Steem for the higher upvote will still be done monthly, the fee will be worked out according to lease rates and will be updated one week before the end of each month.

No wasted VP:

Now that we are updating the upvote weights weekly, we will keep track of how many members post and how many outgoing upvotes. With the data I will make room for a little more Voting Power regeneration and slightly lower upvote weights. With the extra VP we will start selling some upvotes via Smartsteem. 90% of the SBD/STEEM generated from the vote selling will then be used to lease more SP for MAW, the other 10% will be powered up. So even though the upvote weights are a little lower, the upvote value will increase over time.

This is indeed all experimental and might change if something does not work. I will always have our members in mind and want the project to be worth it for everyone. =)

How to join?


  • You must post only original content,
  • your account must be 50+ reputation,
  • your account must have 500+ available Steem Power,
  • delegate a minimum of 150SP to @make-a-whale
  • you must upvote the daily @make-a-whale post with the minimum upvote requirements.

Upvoting Rules

The @make-a-whale project requires constant feed from his followers. That way he can return the favor and feed his followers. This can be done manually or using Steemauto to simplify and automate the process. That way you never have to worry about missing votes.

You can pick how you upvote MAW:

  1. Steemauto (recommended).
    Guide on how to set up your Steemauto account.

  2. Manual upvoting - if you do not like using Steemauto you can manual vote.

We have worked out a scale that will make sure @make-a-whale always upvotes you with a bigger upvote than the one you used to upvote the daily post, if you post on average once a day. Thus, the fair scale ensure you always win!

There are some members who support the project with larger upvotes and this is greatly appreciated! The more we grow the more members we can recruit and give better upvotes. Thank you for the extra support!

Minimum upvote required

All members are required to upvote @make-a-whale once a day with a minimum of 500 SP.
If you have more SP and you would like to change the upvote weight, please use this formula to calculate the % of your vote:

50000/ (Your SP) = Voting Weight towards @make-a-whale posts.


Member A. has 1200 SP on his account,
50000 / 1200 = 42% - this is the minimum upvote required.

Delegation and Steem subscription options:

All members that upvote @make-a-whale daily post with the minimum required will receive back one upvote from the basic level.

If you would like to get a little more, there are two ways to reach bigger upvotes:

  • By donating Steem - at the end of the month MAW will collect Steem towards the new SP leases. Transfer chosen amount to @make-a-whale and you will get bigger upvotes for the whole next month.
  • By delegating Steem Power to @make-a-whale - you will receive bigger upvotes for as long as you keep your delegation active.
SP Delegaton

Daily resteem and 100% upvote

Since we are a small group of awesome content creators there be a daily resteem. We will follow the same list as the Roundabout High Five upvote and resteem in that order. Share some love and some upvotes for your fellow MAW members! Check out their post, comment and upvote if you like it!

Tomorrow's Roundabout Whale High Five 100% Upvote and resteem goes to:


Wondering when it's your turn? Here's the list.

MAW Member list

maw banner.jpg


woohoo @phelimint congrats sweets :D masiive silly dance now Mr ;)

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