The Last Sunset

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The Last Sunset

5:30 pm




I work a night shift as a paramedic at a hospital nearby so I always woke up just about when the sun sets. It took me a couple of days to find this apartment though. It’s just near my workplace, not too expensive and the view was amazing.

I turned the TV on at enough volume so I can hear it from the kitchen. Gathered any ingredients I could find and prepared myself dinner. While the food was being cooked, I took a cup of coffee and went to the window to watch the sunset.

The sun was somehow different today. It’s as if the sun was setting down for good. Like flashing a final goodbye before it fades in the infinite darkness. Well, at least that’s how I felt. The result of too much fiction and imaginative mind, I guess.

It also looked like a scene from a zombie-apocalypse movie just before the dead rose up and hungry for brains and plants I mean flesh and blood. Hmm… I should prepare a katana, a crossbow, and a rifle just in case.

I ate my dinner after the sun disappeared into the horizon then took a shower and prepared for work. Everything’s normal or fine from my apartment going to the hospital. No strange events, zombies or whatsoever. He-he.

It’s just that a lot of accidents happened today. From the hospital to the accident area then back to the hospital and then another emergency again. We were always called to rescue people so we had no time to rest and eat. Nevertheless, I love this job. I love rescuing people. Since we’re the first ones to arrive at an accident, emergencies or other crises, the treatment we provide are very crucial in saving a life.

Anyway, after my shift ended I felt fatigue and weakness took over my body. With our last patient saved and delivered to the hospital, my shift was finally over. I went home right away, ate a slice of pizza then went to bed.

I woke up from the constant scream of emergency sirens and shout of people outside. When I got up and open the blinds, I was shocked to see the city in front of me. Everything’s in chaos! Riot and destruction were everywhere. I look down to see people looting shops and fighting each other. It was madness!

Immediately, I turned on the TV while changing my clothes. “Following the chemical attack of a strong Hallucinogenic Psychochemical weapon in the country, affected people showed signs of delirium, rage, and hostility, attacking and killing anyone around them. Scientists and doctors reported that those who were affected by the chemical will start hallucinating and believing that people around them were demons that wanted to harm them…”

"AAAAAAAAAHHHH!" A piercing scream suddenly erupted from the hallway just outside my apartment unit. I felt goosebumps all over my body and instinctively, I grabbed my katana. Looking outside through the door peephole, I saw a woman sitting on the floor, blood all over her body. She desperately called for help but her voice was weak. I rushed to get my treatment kit and went to her but she suddenly called me a demon and shoved me away, cursing! With eyes blood-shot, she held a cleaver and swung it at me. “Die demon!”she yelled. The edge of the large knife reached my forearm cutting the sleeves of my sweater and into my skin. I stumbled behind then I got back on my feet but before I could run back to my apartment, she threw the knife at me and hit my back. Luckily, I fell on the floor inside my apartment so I kicked the door closed and locked it.

As I was removing the knife on my back and the woman outside banging at my door, I heard more people came and fought outside. Obviously, the chemical weapon affected them and everyone’s a demon now. It’s a good thing the cut on my back wasn’t too deep but I it was still difficult applying first aid.

When the fighting outside my apartment died down, I took my katana, first aid kit and handgun (I wasn’t able to buy a crossbow :D) then went outside. I need to look for food and other necessities for survival. I also wore a surgical mask although I’m sure it won’t help that much.
Using the elevator would be too noticeable so I went for the stairs. That’s where I encountered two figures, one was tall and the other was short. Faces were pale and their dark eyes showed malice and hostility.

Kill them! That’s what I thought after seeing those two. I brought out my gun and shot one of them. The smaller one fell to the floor then the tall demon cried and screamed at me. The wailing sound paralyzed me and even breathing became difficult. I was terrified but my shaking hand managed to point the gun at them then open fire.

“H… Hah… Ha-ha! Ha-ha-ha!” I unexpectedly laughed. But It was a nasty one.

I got up to look at the two demons but I was horrified when I saw them. They were humans! The mother was clutching her lifeless child tightly while tears running down her eyes and blood gushing out from the gunshot wounds I inflicted. It was terrible. I felt sick and nauseated. The chemical weapon already affected me. I can sense my sanity slowly drifting away. Rage, hostility, I can feel all the symptoms now. I don’t want to go on a rampage killing anybody, innocent or not. Just the thought of it was dreadful.

I went back to my apartment. Lit a cigarette. Approached the balcony.

“One last time… I want to see the sunset…”


This is my official entry to @maverickinvictus' "Mav PhotoFiction" writing contest.

Start telling the stories that only you can tell, because there’ll always be better writers than you and there’ll always be smarter writers than you. There will always be people who are much better at doing this or doing that - but you are the only you. -Neil Gaiman

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damn! This was fast paced! Then that ending oh man.

Thanks for joining my contest idol!


Hehe, it escalated quickly then died briskly... lol
Thanks lodi sa pa-contest at may napost din ako :D

Your imagination brought us in a real world. IDOL!!
You have that writing skill my friend :)

Wow! That was a short but amazing story!