Daily quiz #004 - Are you a genius

in mathematics •  7 months ago

Yeah I'm here again and this time, I guess am late but anyway I'm here with the daily quiz as usual but before going down to the quiz, congratulations once again to all the winners of quiz 001.

So today's question goes thus


Only three steemians with the best explanation to the answer goes away with the bounty that will be placed on this post.


  1. All participants must upvote and comment on this post
  2. All participants must follow me
  3. Only the best three will be chosen
  4. After three days of this post, I will choose and announced the winners of this contest
  5. You are not allowed to edit your comment

Also, a bounty has been placed on this post and to know more about steembounty kindly check @steem-bounty blog

Also I will announce the winners to quiz #002 soon.

Happy Steeming...

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Excelente Amigo Muy Bueno Gracias Por Comparitr, Saludos!

The answer is 120. If we count the boxes starting from the left as box 1, the number in each box is the factorial of the box number (1! = 1, 2! = 2, ..., 6! = 720).


Congratulations man you won the quiz


Congratulations man you the quiz

hi @mathematrix , my answer is 1x2 = 2, 2x3 = 6, 6x4 = 24, 24x5 = 120, 120x6 = 720


Yeah your explanation is correct you won the quiz :)


oh yup , thank you

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Nice to see you and I Upvoted you :) !
Forgive and forget.


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