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RE: The Birthday Paradox and Our Awful Human Intuitions When It Comes to Probabilities and Exponents

in #math3 years ago

I love this little paradox! There's such a human ineptitude for not just mathematical reasoning, but for all forms of logic which don't follow a simple patter (black vs white, a+b=c, y=ax etc...).

I think fighting against this tendancy is what makes being a scientists or taking an active interest in science so great. Physics doesn't follow a 'logical' set of rules. Evolution doesn't take the path of least resistance. Metabolism does not work the most direct or efficient way. Nowhere in the natural world do we see things working the way that our mind would have designed them to work!

Awesome read, thanks :)


You are right, all very good examples. Counter-intuitive things are the ones that fascinate me the most and I personally find them to be the most interesting types of results.

Thanks for stopping by and giving a bit of an older post a read :)

Always looking for good reads :P

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