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RE: The Birthday Paradox and Our Awful Human Intuitions When It Comes to Probabilities and Exponents

in #math3 years ago

Well I have to say I'm pretty amazed. I thought at least a few hundred people.....and we think it such a coincidence when we meet someone with the same birthday as ourselves. Primitive ape brain indeed.
I did try to follow the maths but my head hurt, ......but I trust you.


Thank you for stopping by yet again and for your continued support throughout this month-long challenge! You were a part of the inspiration to try it and a big part of staying motivated enough to (almost) succeed at it! :)

And thank you for bearing with the math parts! :D

Well I have to say I'm pretty amazed. I thought at least a few hundred people...

I remember that when I first met this little problem, I though I was really smart to get my ballpark by dividing 365 by 4 (2 for 50% and 2 because it was pairs) which meant somewhere in the 90-100 range. I was blown away when I realized my ballpark figure was still about 4 times too big.

I did try to follow the maths but my head hurt, ......but I trust you.

I was really conflicted about how much actual math I should include in the post. I tried to keep it to a minimum without skipping it completely and I was actually considering replacing some of it with "trust me, this is how the math works out". ;) I guess the hardest thing about a post like that is to decide at what level of math understanding you should aim it at. I have no clue if I was anywhere close to a good balance on that.

In your opinion, was the math too much? Would the post have been more effective or lest boring and/or tiring if it included just some of the results and a shorter explanation on how they were derived?

No, I don't think you included too much maths at all. It's a genuinely interesting article and I'm sure many love to see how it all works out, it's just I've never had much of a head for it.....dunderhead I think my maths teacher used to call me.
Such a diverse range of subjects you cover. I dunno where you get the ideas from!

Thank you for the feedback! :)

I guess the diverse range of subjects I cover comes from the diverse range of interests I have. I've shared before how consistency is something really hard for me in general, but this is not just about my work rate, it also translates into my attention span and my interests which are also all over the place.

Well for a man who finds consistency a challenge, you're not doin' too badly atall atall. And when it comes to blogging, I guess your interests being all over the place is something of an advantage. I'm certainly learning a few weird and wonderful facts. If it weren't for you I'd still be trying to get rid of the phloem every time I peel a banana;)

It helps, not doubt! :)

Hahaha, I can't believe someone actually remembers that phloem post! It was my most spontaneous one ever on this platform.

Remember it? Sure I'll never forget it!

That warms my heart actually! :) It really means a lot to hear! Talk about motivating and encouraging things to read in a comment!

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