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RE: The Birthday Paradox and Our Awful Human Intuitions When It Comes to Probabilities and Exponents

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Very good article Dave! Probabilities and statistics are indeed highly nonintuitive, i think that's part of the problem when it comes to communicating scientific data to the public.
The Monty Hall problem is another cool example that took me a while to wrap my head around:


Thank you, Carl, I'm happy you think so! You are absolutely right about science communication.

The Monty Hall problem is a great example of that indeed and I was thinking about mentioning it in this post along a few coin toss example, but the post was already getting quite long and I decided I'll maybe write about them in the future.

@carlgbush: ....uh... what? Which data? Ah, you mean: NUMBERS?
Well, totally lost on me ;-) I tried really hard all my life. But never came near any kind of enthusiastic feeling about crunching numbers. ...Wait, there was a day when I was practicing maths with my son and I looked up the Internet for Chinese calculating. That got me hooked for quite a while. But it was for 3d graders. LOL

All my teacher's fault - If @rocking-dave would have taught me, I guess, I would be now Superwoman. HaHa!

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