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Whales at work, Bears coming out to play, but Bulls in sight? The Crypto Market is moving…

So things seem to be happening in the Crypto markets… Earlier this week in my last blog I talked about where the markets might be going and how things will be breaking out either to the up or the down very very soon….

I’ve been following my Crypto mentor’s advice for a while now and he is calling things pretty accurately, and believes that we will see around $5000 per BTC, as a bottom, before things rapidly rise to the upside.

This will be a very very very brief update from me, but as I write this BTC has dropped to under $5500 and is looking bearish in the short term… let’s see how this plays out, but if we see the $5000 taken out this could be a wonderful sight for those waiting for the next Bull run… all time highs by year’s end???????????????

What do you think?


(As per usual this is no financial advice, just my views based on those I’m tapped into on the where the market is right now… DYOR!)

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