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We’re in strange waters at the moment in the whole Crypto sphere. Depending on who you read, watch or listen too then the whole market is about to explode to the moon, or bottom out to nothing. Moonboyz and FUD merchants have drawn the battle lines and the rest of us are in the middle waiting with baited breath to see which way the wind will blow.

This Blog is a bit different. I’ll update you on what coins are working for me, those making me great returns, and those that I’ve been burnt by, in my next instalment. But for now let’s have a look at the bigger picture…

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The BTC market has continued it’s gradual compression to narrower and narrower points of resistance and support, and the price has been stable for a while. Too stable. But this stability cannot last and despite the calmness of the market candlesticks, we are most probably on the brink of some big moves. But will it be to the up or the down?

My view, and the views of others that are more knowledgeable (those who I trust and take my leads from) are that the market will have a short sharp dip to the downside. We should see $5000 - and maybe all the way down the $4000 a Bitcoin… But, and here’s the kicker, this should precede a monumental move to the upside!

There are some big players on the sidelines at the moment. Real institutional money ready to finally throw themselves into the Crypto market. Take Bakkt for example… (see link below) have a look at who owns them - ICE (link below) - one of the biggest owners of global Stock and Futures markets. They are the epitome of institutional money. The custodial element to their product is a game changer. Things might take a bedding in period when they launch next month and it probably won’t be an overnight turnaround, but when they become a perceived safe way for Investment Funds (pension, hedge etc..) to invest into Crypto then the floodgates could open.

The crypto global market cap will rise accordingly, and the $850 billion cap at the back end of last year before the retail investor bubble popped, could easily be dwarfed…! Bakkt aren’t the only players.. Look at the range of ETF proposals lodged with the SEC. Also Fidelity is another investment vehicle entering the game (link below). They are opening a crypto desk with over 100 staff - if each of these highly remunerated staff are paid close to $100,000 then that is a $10,000,000 annual wage bill! That is no small investment and not one that they would make on a gamble… They are expecting big things, surely…

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This is all slightly off topic, but I want to try and focus on what this might mean for the masternode sector of the crypto market. Short term I’m liking the stability of the Bitcoin price as I’m cashing out a nice return to fiat, and I can plan for how much the rewards will be worth day by day and week by week… But it seems that the rest of MN market is treading water too in line with bitcoin.

There are a few (a very few) number of MN projects releasing live platforms and viable products that have any application in the real world. All the products that I’m seeing being released are Crypto or Masternode focused; staking and masternode hosting platforms, trading platforms, or flat to crypto gateways etc… Don’t get me wrong, this is good short term as it provides another outlet for the rewards generated other than to just dump them on the exchanges. But we will need the real world conversion soon or all that has been created is a kinda masternode pooled Ponzi circle without any actual true value.

I think the key is when, and I genuinely believe it is when and not if, real money enters the crypto world, then I think we will see a splurge in masternode projects. They’ll promise all kinds of crazy services, as they try to capture the mainstream crypto investor’s attention. The flip side of this is that there will a lower success rate, it will be like the ICO mayhem of last year all over again… The MN projects that are existing now will have to fight to stay relevant, and keep on the radar… I think a lot will fall by the wayside but the ones that stay strong, relevant, move and adapt quickly will be the main players in the crypto sphere moving forward. But at the moment how the hell do you pick those winners?

What do you think? I’d love to know….. Hit me up with any comments below….

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(Disclaimer - do not treat this as financial or investment advice - and do you own research!!! Really important…..)


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