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It was a hassle

Since the start of Dash masternode system, more and more project has followed its path to use masternode technology in one of its alogaritm. It provides security for the network while it uses lower energy because you don't need expensive gear and huge power to mine the coin. But setting up as masternode is not an easy task, more over if you are not a tech savvy. It can give you a headache, and lost of some money, when you using the wrong scrypt to deploy the mastenode.

Lets Hive do the works

If you are thinking to deploy a msternode, and don't have that tech ability, don't worry much. Hive is the answer for you. Hive networks is a newly launched coin which aim to help those who want to deploy masternode within a click of a button. With their easy to use hosting panel UI. your masternode will be ready in a blink of an eye.


coin Spesification



if you see the coin spesification above, tehy are having a smll number of maximum supply. Also they are having a fairly good reward split between Masternode and PoS. And a good numbers of masternode collateral.

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