Mastercard is looking for employees to work on a cryptocurrency wallet

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One of the vacancies is entitled "Product Development - Blockchain Solutions Engineer", the other is "Product Management - Crypto-currency/wallets", and the third is the Vice President of Product Management in blockchain. The new employees will "work in a multifunctional team focused on franchising, legal compliance, regulation, products, experimental research, regions and technologies to develop new products and services.

Two positions require candidates to have experience in managing cryptocurrency storage products. The company does not specify what exactly these employees will have to develop. It is possible that they may start creating a custodial solution within the framework of cooperation between Mastercard and Facebook, notes The Block.

Mastercard is one of the 27 founding members of the Libra cryptocurrency project announced by Facebook. Members are encouraged to develop their own applications for Libra blockchain, including alternative cryptocurrency wallets.

Last April Mastercard introduced a technology to accelerate node synchronization in blockchain.

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If MasterCard released their own crypto product it could be BIG. But, so far not a single enterprise came out with a cryptocurrency product that ticks all the right boxes and drives adoptions – something this space desperately needs. It's up to smaller startups to deliver the next big step in crypto evolution.