The Muzzle Report, August 17, 2020: Back to Phoenix at Costco, Whole Foods, and Dollar Tree

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The Muzzle Report: August 17, 2020

Whole Foods, Costco, Dollar tree: Phoenix

If you missed my last report, you should check it out. It was a refreshing return to normalcy. I miss it already.

I’ve ventured once again into the Phoenix stores, to be “greeted“ by a bouncer, one making more than $100 a day to sit there and ask customers to put on a mask. We are paying for that.

At Whole Foods I nodded to the bouncer, who put down his book quickly and asked if I had a mask. I stopped, looked at him right in the eye and told him

I understand it is it is your store's policy to require masks. However I have a medical condition so I cannot wear one.

He paused, the wheels turning in his head. He looked down.

OK he said.

Thank you. I replied

The same thing happened at Costco. The bouncer quickly reached for his box of muzzles until I told him that I had a medical condition. Those are the magic words as he interrupted me to say


And wave me in.

I shopped hassle free, for which I’m grateful. But it just saddens me so much to see the state most people here have fallen to.

Descendants of the pioneers are now wearing face shields, N95 or KN95 masks in their car, and thick gloves while shopping.

Displayed prominently were boxes of 50 one-time disposable face diapers from BYD. Look up that company in case you have not heard of it.

They are really turning up the heat. Costco had their sandwich board sign displayed prominently at the end entrance

No one may enter without a face covering.

The same thing at the dollar store.

You may not enter without a face covering. I entered without a face covering and was greeted cheerfully. So fuck you, sign.

When deaths are dropping, why are they turning up the heat so much? It is because this is all about compliance.


If you are a free breather, like me, you must have the attitude that you will outlast them. The geniuses can wear their dirty mask for the next 10 years, and you will still keep shopping freely.

The team that wants it more will win.

Face shields are now recommended. When will they become mandatory?

Why don’t people wear masks inside their homes? As they are so fond of telling others, they could be asymptomatic for 14 years and not even know it, spreading their germs all over the place. Don’t they care about other people?

If it is so dangerous, wouldn’t they want to protect those closest to them? And there it is.

This has nothing to do with protection.

Just like the TSA has nothing to do with airport security. It is simply security theater. And so is this. But, this ritual is of a far more sinister nature.

What they are claiming and most are accepting is that your body does not belong to you. You are a slave to the collective. You will do what you were told, wear what you were told to wear, and shame whom you are told to shame.

Disgusting and despicable.

Look up what the word democide means. Three hundred million people in the 20th century work were murdered by their own government. That’s 3 million people per year. Even if every phony fake government-sponsored COVID-19 statistic was accurate - which they are decidedly not - this "pandemic" would still only be about half as deadly as the most dangerous killer around: the psychopaths in government and the mindless and/or psychopathic order followers.

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