The Muzzle Report: August 15 & 16, Payson and Heber, Arizona

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The Muzzle Report: August 15 and 16

Payson and Heber, Arizona


A return to normalcy. Thank goodness and well overdue. As I write this from the scorching valley of the sun a taxpayer stolen bus drives by me with a face mask required marquee on the front. Oh what a lovely weekend it was.

Stopping into an auto parts store in Payson, I was pleasantly shocked into a state of normal relaxation:

A couple customers donning the mask of submission, but there, and there! And there! A majority of the customers and all of the employees had their free-breathing, healthy looking faces displayed to the world.

I had a frankly enjoyable conversation with the guys at the front desk for the first time in I can’t remember how long. A conversation without muffled voices, dull eyes, and other travesties of this year.

At the oil change place in town, the same thing occurred. All three gentlemen working there were free-breathing and joking around. I had a genuinely jocular experience, joking around with the guys and letting them do their work. It was like the good old days - the days which will return with a vengeance.

That was it for Payson. The next morning I stopped at a wonderful breakfast place in Heber. I will not disclose the name nor any of the names of the stores which I featured in this article for distrust of the mask-stapo.

The America of the history books, the America which the entire world risk their lives and fortune to emigrate to is on life-support.

The people of the world did not come to live in a "social justice" paradise. They came to live in a free society, or at least a society exponentially freer than the ones from which they fled. Fuck all of you working to turn it against that.

I felt freer living in Communist China.

This breakfast spot was also decidedly normal. None of the servers spoke with muffled indistinct voices. All of them were smiling, joking, and having a good time. Even the owner was doing the same. The food was so delicious. I am so excited to go back the next time I’m in town.

None of the patrons, save one had donned the mask of submission. The sole exception was a gentleman in his 60s or 70s, but wearing the simple and useless cloth mask which offers no protection from infection.

I will remember these places for quite a long time. The supposed hicks of the Arizona countryside are much more pleasant to be around in the frightened, obedient, and crass representatives of the educated here in Phoenix.

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