Marvelous Tales Contest #12: My Dad's Rumor

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We had only visited our cabin in the woods once before that summer. My dad was always working, and my mother would not take us alone. The first time we went I was six, this was ten years after.

Mother had eloped with her lover so father wanted to get away from the public eye for a bit, while figuring out the lie he would tell us to explain the situation and preserve the family bond. I never understood why he saw the need to lie to us about it. We might have been young, but we weren’t stupid. Maybe he was too busy to understand just how much mother gave his lies away when he was not around.

The woods were not as fun as I remembered. The cell service was terrible, the place was crawling with bugs, and I didn’t realise how lonely that silence could make you feel. My siblings are more artistic than I, so they found the beauty in nature, I found that terribly boring. My father was indoors mostly, he only came out when we needed his help with something. I felt very alone on our bonding trip.

He called us into the living room on our third day there to explain the rumor making the rounds that our mom ran away with a man –like we didn't witness it first hand.

“Your mother just went on a soul searching mission; you guys know how she’s so into yoga, fengshui and all that funny stuff now. She’s on her way to Asia in search of her spirit animal or whatever. She didn’t leave us. You should know by now that people like to twist stories. Whatever you heard about your mother is not true.”

It was laughable. Mother was making her way to Asia alright, but not to meet with monks and find a higher purpose, she was going on a boat cruise with her new man. Did he think we were still clueless? He had been away working most of our lives; maybe that’s why he hadn’t noticed how much we had grown. We were no longer children who would fall for such lies.

I thought to bring him up to speed but then I looked more properly at the man, he was in pain. He was not just lying to us, but to himself as well. I couldn’t bring myself to burst his bubble. My siblings probably already had the same thoughts, they were always better at deciphering emotion.

We left the woods a week after, and my mom leaving remained a rumor in our house for month.

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parents always want to protect and shelter their kids from harm and bad thoughts, even if they have to lie to them. Is this a mini series, will there be more to the story?

Sometimes that isn't the best move, the children might eventually stop trusting their parent's word. No, its a standalone piece. Thank you for reading.

Well, my friend, I bet in his mind he is thinking he is protecting you, but I do agree with you about one thing. I would rather want to hear the TRUTH from my dad than learning about it the other way.

I think TRUTH should be spoken always. If you lie, the lies will catch up with you ALWAYS. The same as to your father. You are probably mad at him for lying to you or in his mind trying to protect you.

I am sorry to hear about your parent's situation. Not an easy situation for a kid to go through, but maybe it is for the better they separate if they are not happy together.

Keep your head up. Try to understand your dad. He probably is thining he is doing the best for you.

Lol, it's fiction, this didn't happen to me. And i do agree with you, telling the truth builds trust, and if a union isn't working no point stressing both parties

Well, my bad. lol Misunderstood it badly then. :)

The truth will always set you free. :)

Not always I'm afraid, you still have to take responsibility for your actions.

Of course, but lying about it does not give you even a chance to take responsibility for your actions.

A fine piece, sir. Your talent shines :)

You never know what is going on in someone else's mind. You are probably right that he was also lying to himself, or postponing dealing with it until he himself was ready emotionally. Thanks for sharing your story.

Thanks for reading. It was fiction by the way.

Well, that only proves you did a good job writing it.

Hi @lordmok, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

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Wow, thank you for reading.

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Nice story thank for sharing

Thank you for reading.

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Thanks for sharing this very personal experience. I do have fond memories of our cabin, even if it is where my parents split up. Great picture also.

Thanks for reading.

Nice story, enjoyed it. :)

Thank you for reading

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