Sunday Workout with Self-Integrity at the forefront

in martialarts •  11 months ago


Today's theme was self-integrity. It means that I stay true to myself with whatever exercise or movement I was executing during the workout and do not cheat myself. If I was kicking and punching on Thai pads and boxing mitts and I was training for speed and power then it means I do not cheat myself by making excuses of being tired and exhausted to continue putting in 100% of my power and speed in movement. If I was kicking at the heavy bag four minutes each leg and I was aiming to persevere for four minutes while putting in all my power in the kicks then it means I do so and don't cheat me. I stay true and honest with myself and how I perform my movement. I stay true and honest to myself in the action I do. I find that having this kind of self-integrity and practicing it in my workouts not only helps me transcend my current physical limits so much faster and more substantial than before living this way, but it also carries over the strengthened self-integrity in all other aspects and areas of my life, be it projects, work, learning and so on. How do you practice it? I find that it involves me consciously a.k.a. in self-awareness making that decision to stay honest and true to me and the movement or action I am about to perform and deliver and execute and that I am deciding to not cheat me because I know that if I do allow me to cheat me then I only hurt, compromise and sabotage my own self-development and self-character.

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Wow, awesome babe!


thanks :))