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RE: Steem Isn't So Ordinary But It Still Needs 'More Revelations' To Enter The 'Ranks Of Great'. The Legit Illiterates Will Need To Step Up. @theycallmedan Is Helping! The SteemTorch Lits His Space.

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I got the Steem Torch many moons ago, glad to see how big the flame as gotten! Thanks for the kind words, I believe Steem is a beautiful place filled with beautiful souls. Work has meshed into play for me here, and I am really enjoying myself. Cheers for the torch pass!


Hi @theycallmedan,

Thank you for helping @surpassinggoogle.

I am actually one of the believers in his products and I am trying to help - I just have limited resources.

His products appeal to the masses, especially people in 3rd world countries like Africa and the Philippines.

I am interested in his products being an outlet for the regular users, the non-elite members of Steem, and elite members of Steem who support non-Elite members.

@surpassinggoogle was the first big account to give me an upvote on my introductory posts in June of 2018 and he also upvoted @emaferice's posts.

I am not sure if I would have been as excited about Steem over the long run if I didn't receive his initial upvote.

~ @chrisrice

Oh gosh and I scroll down the whole list of users but in speed. I missed your name from the list. Perhaps it wasn’t this account? Thank you a lot for the comment and sharing some of your joys here

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