We Made It: Live Radio Interview And Full Media Coverage For Steem!

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Each of us, as citizens, has a role to play in creating a better world for our children. - Nelson Mandela

Sometimes 'creating a better world' is easier than we actually believe.

Especially as members of the Steem community we all perfectly know that change is only one click away. We're able to create an immediate and amazing impact in someone else's life on a daily basis. So why not take these real showcases in order to promote our network?

As a Steem user you are in the luxurious situation that you can give away power without losing your own. Allocating, distribution, sharing wealth is completely free of charge.

If Steem needed a veridic Marketing claim, then this one here could be a safe shot:

Changing lives - with one click at a time.

At @dreamsoftheocean our vision is to combine these two ideas: change this world for better and promote Steem as a vehicle towards that goal. If cryptocurrencies are designed to empower people, then we should use them accordingly, being role models of that new generous world where everybody's given with a new opportunity, no matter where you come from, what your professional, social and cultural background is, what skin colour you have and what language you speak.

Where else in the world are you able to raise money and provide people with a new opportunity from one day to another?

Steem is able to change people's live for better, and we're glad that the Spanish media is now aware of that fact.

Posing for the media: our little swim superstars

Making some noise

As I mentioned before my team and I have been working on this project for months.

As a @steem-ambassador promoting Steem is part of my DNA, also the project provided some great points of action for promotional activity.

Thanks to the financial support from @starkerz (on behalf of #promo-steem), the @fundition team (decentralized crowdfunding fundition.io) and @birdinc (Business Development Steemit Inc) we were able to produce some professional banners, decorate the venue and do a nice photo-call for the media.

Yesterday a media report was sent to all newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations on Canary Islands, inviting them to participate in the 'Steem for good movement'.

Here's the official video we provided the Spanish media with:

The story took on a life of its own

When I called the biggest online newspaper on the isle of Lanzarote today's morning in order to ask if they were planning to provide us with some coverage, they asked me back if I was interested in giving an interview on their local radio station.

What a great chance!

At 12:05am local time I was speaking live on "Radio Lanzarote", talking about the project, about Steem, the Red Cross and why I believe that giving is so important.

In case you missed the interview, you'd find it in my dsound account: https://dsound.audio/#!/@surfermarly


Caught in the act!

I had never been giving a live radio interview to a Spanish radio station before!

Thank God I had some nice training during the past weeks, giving interviews on @pennsif's 'Alternative Lifestyle Show' and at 'Steemit Habla' hosted by Mau and Juanmi (@mauriciovite, @juanmiguelsalas).

Between the phone call and the radio interview there was only one hour of time, so I didn't even have the chance to get really nervous :-)

In the meantime "La Voz de Lanzarote" (Spanish: Lanzarote's voice), the biggest online newspaper on the island, had featured our project on the front page!


The story is gathering momentum!

Just as last year, it took some time until the bigger, national newspapers started to pick up the news and spread them in their networks.

As I mentioned in the yesterday's blog post, journalists are free to publish the media report just as you prepare it for them, or change parts of it.

In the original document just as it was sent out, Steem appears in the headline, and I'm glad some of the journalists accepted it to be there.

My favourite newspaper headline: "Once more, the cryptocurrency Steem finances a social project of the Red Cross Lanzarote." Baaam! :-)


Now I kindly invite you all to cross fingers for a pending TV interview I'm trying to organize!

After today's radio interview I kind of feel being in the flow :-)

Let's see if a couple of more newspapers will pick up the news on the weekend and perhaps even come over to one of our next swim trainings in order to report from the venue.


We're changing lives - with one click at a time.



Much love,
Marly -
Steem Ambassador

PS: For more information on the charity project please check out: @dreamsoftheocean.

This blog was created in July 2016, aiming to provide thought-provoking content for open-minded people who go on adventure, step out of comfort zones and embrace the new.
Thanks for being part of the journey!


PS: This blog post was edited and submitted via eSteem Surfer 1.0.11 - my favorite Steem desktop client that was developed by @good-karma's @esteemapp team. Check out their account for more information.

Original content.

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Definitely, people in spanish speaking people are important ones. About 3 months ago I started posting my blog supporting people who are living in Spanish countries especially a country Venezuela which is now in economical crisis. You can see this account @fatimajunio as I am voting for their video comment every single day for their reflections in the topic of the day. It is like two birds in one stone by helping them financially and also spiritually. Thanks for your love in this community we really appreciate you existence here @surfermarly.

How exciting. Your passion for this project is infectious and it's wonderful that you're getting some attention!


Thanks a lot for your kind words, Tom! I remember you were one of the first ones who started to support the project, and look where we are today :-)

The spark you use in promoting steem gives people like me all the encouragement I need to do more for steem.


Aaaaw, thank you so much!! Hearing if from you meeans a lot :-)
Thanks for the resteem - I hope it will inspire many others, too.

Awesome Marly - very proud of you. Can't wait to see what the next project will be for @dreamsoftheocean
Do you think that the Charitable, Humanitarian & Good Cause activities are the most likely activity on Steemit to garner interest from the press? I wish we saw more money flowing into humanitarian projects through upvotes and delegations.


Thanks for your lovely words, Chris!
Well social projects are always more likely to receive some love, appreciation and support. That's just due to the nature of things: people love seeing humanitarian acts. Empathy is part of a human being's DNA, it's just that some of us forget about this from time to time..:-)

From my personal point of view, charity is and will be one of the best and most important ways to promote cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in general. The ability to change a person's life with literally one click AND without losing anything of your own stake is just MIND-BLOWING. Isn't it? :-))

Where else in the world are you able to "donate" without giving away anything from your own wallet?


SO TRUE! Really nicely put...... Do you ever feel slightly anxious when your Voting Power is at 100% and you need to get online so you be actively sharing your upvote reward!


Well honestly sometimes I feel anxious about the fact that I spend more time on Steem than with my family and friends... No kidding! If someone had predicted that future for me like 2.5 years ago, I would've laughed out loud at him :-D

I always try to spend my VP wisely, but honestly I don't control it all the time. I'm a bad example on how to professionally use one's SP/VP since I mostly follow my intuition/emotions when upvoting stuff, hehe


I feel anxious about the fact that I spend more time on Steem than with my family and friends...

Probably just the same for 50,000 other people on here! So you're in good company and you have the power to change it too......

Have a great weekend.....on and offline!


At least we all share the same addiction :-D

Happy weekend!

Now no one can argue that crypto currencies don't produce good in the world!!! This is AWESOME!!! one of the best executed charity / promo events i have ever seen! congrats @surfermarly! you deserve every bit of credit you get for this!! What a pleasure to have been part of this!


Exactly! That's the message :-)
Thanks for your lovely words and encouragement! I hope a lot more feel inspired to set up some promo that is even able to help others.

Once more thank you for your amazing contribution, without you and and your team this wouldn't have been possible! :-)

Amazing work Marly! Let's turn the public's perception of crypto currencies and what they can do for people around :)


Thank you Fredrik, hearing it from you means a lot :-)
Real showcases of real people always provide the highest level of authenticity, hence credibility. IMO it's one of the most efficient ways to promote our blockchain.

Great job! Fingers crossed for TV appearance


That'd be like the chocolate topping on the ice cream! :-) Thanks for the encouragement!!

this is so awesome!!! well done. it's very heartening to see the work you all are doing. love it! resteemed :)


Thanks a lot for your support @mountainjewel, it really means a lot to us! :-)

Way to go Marly, couldn't be more proud of this amazing project execution, if i have a trunk full of Steem; i'll give it all for this Feat!

Sincerely yours Dear Marly.

That is excellent Marly. Good luck with the TV interview.

Host of The Alternative Lifestyle Show on MSP Waves Radio.

Editor of the Weekly Schedule of Steem Radio Shows.

Founder of the A Dollar A Day charitable giving project.


Thank you @pennsif! Talking about the project in your show made me feel very comfortable and safe during today's interview. Thanks for that - and for your ongoing support :-)
Have a great weekend!

We're able to create an immediate and amazing impact in someone else's life on a daily basis.

Exactly Marly, It happened when we wrote you through twitter asking about if you live in Lanzarote. Since this moment we all have changed and Steemit - Fundition as well.
Thanks for being part of the change and our lives! Gracias de parte de todo el equipo y de todos los Steemians de las Islas Canarias!


Thank you so much for your ongoing support guys, can't wait to see you at the Meet-up...in only a bit more than one month, yeeeew!!!
Un fuerte abrazo desde la isla al lado :-)

Oh wow Marley! This is what it really is all about, you definitely put a smile on my face, those little kids seem so happy. I just love how you took steem to the world, those banners say it all. It's things like this that give me the motivation and strength to keep going and not looking back. I need steem in my DNA as it is in yours, no doubt about that.
Great Project! Keep it up beautiful.

Love & Hugs from Nairobi,Kenya.

Thanks for your lovely words, @elsiekjay!
There's so much good things we're able to do on this planet. If we all focussed a bit more on that, we could already make a huge difference.

Big hugs back to Nairobi! :-)

Wao great interview.... Owsum project....best of luck for your great project....nice talk to media...

@surfermarlyCongratulations for the new opportunities for your beautiful project, many successes and that next to the children is great, Fingers crossed for more newspapers to publish your excellent project, the best for you,That it has many positive repercussions in all local media, press, radio, news and internationally also. Amazing the photo where they all go to the water together with a lot of joy and holding hands, it's beautiful.

Very cool post! This is very well written and I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the promotion and all the good you're doing. I've been away from Steemit for a while and it appears a lot has changed for the better. I'll have to check out the app you used to post this as well. Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work!

Hello I am patiyal....
It is nice.....


Hi patiyal ...how r u

good thinking

Yes its really true our family is the main power behind us.


smoking is bad for you :-P


Its not good for anyone

good job!

good concept i agree...


Good is an understatement ...lol


Haha, thanks :-)


You welcome @sufeemarly
I followed yOu

As days are passing here, you are giving more reasons to be generous to our society and community. Although we cannot change the whole world but world would not be the same even a part of it is transformed. Huge love to the Iron Lady Of Steemit.

That is so amazing :D


Thank you :-)))

I will give to , a well -earned upvote , thanks for sharing this beautiful project!

I love your courageous mind towards enhancing the steem blockchain and most appreciate will also goes to those who volunteer themselves to fund any project such like @fundition.io kudos to you all.
On my own, also gathering momentum to see how I can add value to the steem environment.

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nice article
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