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One of the most common pieces of feedback we get from the community is that we should do more to promote, and Steem, to the public. That is why we're excited to announce we are beginning our first Twitter Ad campaign!

The Ads

We are running two ads. The first is intended to spread awareness of the fact that now sells ads. Selling ad space makes more funds available to us for the purpose of making better, releasing more improvements to the Steem blockchain protocol, and further marketing both and the Steem blockchain.

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The accompanying tweet tells the viewer to DM the @steemit account for more details. Those inquiries will be evaluated and high quality leads passed on to @birdinc who is managing our ad effort.


The second ad is intended to spread awareness of as a place where genuine conversations are taking place within a vibrant, and real, online community. The more people who are reading the content on, the better it is for the content creators who post their content to the platform, in addition to the developers who are building Steem apps and seeking to onboard more users.

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We believe the time is right to begin increasing awareness of the amazing work this community, and our team, are doing to make Steem the most advanced, and low-cost, protocol for powering web applications and building great communities.

We want to give a special thanks to the Steem user @rivalzzz who has been helping us with the designs of our banner ads. With community contributions and support like those from @rivalzzz, we make greater progress in bringing Steem to the masses.

About is an account created by @andrarchy (Head of Communications & Advocacy for Steemit Inc.), that is intended to be used for the purpose of hosting and supporting content that helps to market Steem. If you are interested in being featured on this account e-mail him at [email protected]

Steem Marketing


Two years after choosing to ignore the first million users in the community in favor of trying to get "the next 100 million", I guess it's better late than never... :P

WTF is this shit? LIES we do NOT have 1 million users THATS ACCOUNTS

And wtf is this shit "The Only REAL community on a blockchain"? What about Bitcoin ? EOS? This is an outright lie, like a used car salesman come on dude wtf @andrarchy how much do you get paid again by steemit inc? IVE DONE MORE for Steem AND Steemit than You EVER have and I am not paid like you... Ive posted more on twitter about steem than you ever will. I post everyday multiple times a day for steem on Instagram facebook twitter and tumblr using Instagram and @share2steem and the fact that this is ALL your doing when your supposed to be head of marketing for steemit, well this is the reason people are powering down and buying EOS instead

And hey @ned @steemitblog @andrarchy why arent you responding to the comment by the CREATOR of this Blockchain and coimpany steemit Inc, @dan Larimer nTHE ACTUAL GENIUS behind everything you see here, and how he said "Steemit is running out of time" and how his MEOS project on EOS will replace steemit.... that he is REIMAGINING STEEM.... on a much more competant team with 4 BILLIOn US dollars, something you and ned cant even dream of ever having..... thats 4 Billion in CASH not crypto not marketcap , no im talking REAL money they can actually spend... yeah NO one in crypto has anything that close... you cant compete with that... especially if you arent even trying

I DO MORE than you to promote Steem on Twitter.... I do ity everyday and Im the only one there promoting Steem on all the big Cryptocurrency twitter posts and im there on the r/bitcoin subreddit r/cryptocurrency trying to promote steem and you are nowhere to be found,

All you and Ned have to do is actually delegate to me some Steempower so i can actually affoird to run some ad campaigns but ithat will nevcer happen, OR you could do some Steemtaskr promotional tasks paying steemians to go prtomote steem but nahhhh you wont EVER do that... were fucked

the first 50k +950k alts?

It's not even 50K users, these are visitors (not logged in on-chain).

I don't think we have more than 5K daily users (in a sense of human beings) effectively transacting on the blockchain. The rest are bots and automated voting tools.

Advertisers will do their research, so there is no need to whitewash those numbers IMO.


That’s entirely incorrect. Yesterday alone we had 300k unique visitors.

That's what I mean. You talk about "community on a blockchain", but the numbers are referring to visitors of your website and not to community members / logged in users transacting on the blockchain. It's a misleading concept.

It's not, the graphic above says 1 million users and 50k daily active users - it does not say 300k unique visitors to the website. This is not misleading and is accurate.

Alrighty then :-)

I bet you a penny to a pound, that the majority of that 300k unique visitors were people from other platforms reading Steemit articles.

The fact is we as content creators have pushed Steemit results to the top of the Google tree, however joining is such a long-winded hassle that I doubt many of that 300k converted into users.

Or perhaps I'm wrong, maybe we got 300k unique visitors and 30k new user sign-ups?

No, I didn't think so.


Thanks for this number. If possible, could you share something about the current ads/banner ads revenue? Is it helping you guys with costs?

@justinw - with 300K active users, I still don't understand why we are not doing programatic ad-buying and setting up private market places like everyone else in the world. I feel like what is doing right now what yahoo was doing in 1990s. There is no need to run a banner advertisement to get targetted, well paying ads with good fill rate. :-(

He's not saying 300k active users, he is saying that there are 300k visitors per day. Apparently around 50k of these are registered users, and the rest are just browsing.

These are 50K accounts transacting, not users. We may have about 10K unique users (in a sense of human beings) effectively transacting on Steem on a weekly basis. Some of us have 1 account and some like berniesanders have hundreds.

We need to be realistic and keep our feet on the ground...

Ah, that's a good point. I guess most transactions are done by people who autovote etc.

@valth: You are correct. I got mixed up. Being said, that 300K unique daily visitors is a massive number and everything else I said is still valid.

Yeah, it's definitely a lot of visitors, but probably a lot less than anyone was hoping for at this point.

I think the estimate is closer to 15k human daily, but maybe @abh12345 knows more.

Mister Numbers should know, yeah :-)

There's about 13K blog posts (comments excluded) submitted to the chain daily. Considering that some are automated and also that many users have several accounts, we may consider that there's a total of 5-8K active community members behind it. But that's just my guess.

Ash @abh12345 do you have those numbers? :-)

I would say 10000 is a fair guess at active people posting each week if you assuming that everyone has at least 2 accounts and some have 100's.

Oh you even published the answer one week ago, that’s awesome 😃👍

Thanks for the reference!


It's tough to give a solid answer, but it's much less than 50k active contributors week to week, which is a number I've heard being put out.

We should be more realistic!

hey hey hey..

Don't say it out loud...

It's funny because it's true

Steemit has now moved into regions beyond tragic. The nether regions...

this campaign will have the reverse effect as long as Steemit has not proclaimed to its users to combat the root causes of the Steemit collapse. Don't forget to listen to the last 5 minutes!

thanks for the kind words <3

Roughly $75 million worth of steem has been sold by you guys over the past few years, you need to spend some of that on real advertising, and you need to do it ASAP.

If you do not, will be dead within a year or two as a couple major competitors are set to launch in the coming months and they will be spending millions on advertising...

The clock is ticking for

I would like to use this opportunity to drive home one important thing.

There is no competition between blockchain projects and there will not be for a very, very long time. Why? Because the entire market cap of the sector is so small and because of the severe immaturity of the space. No project has even remotely begun to tap into its potential user base.

You want to know who the real winners of this space will be? Those projects that implement interoperability between different projects. We're at a stage where almost every project is an island unto itself and almost completely lacking any kind of real network effect or practical use.

The entire idea of blockchain-based content delivery, including social media is completely novel to 99% of social media users out there. Steem stands to benefit enormously if any other project introduces the concept to the masses and manages to convince them to adopt it.

I agree with you that Steemit Inc has done a lot less than they should.

At this stage, I'm expecting Steemit Inc to do exactly one thing: to finish their work with MIRA. Others have already proven themselves to be fully capable of taking it from there.

I agree with some of this, but not the part about steem benefiting if another social project brings the masses in. Steem isn't but for all intents and purposes, it really is. If dies, which it likely will when a better run project with hundreds of millions in backing comes along ( which one is btw in less then 2 months). I don't see how that will possibly be good for steemit, and in turn, steem.

It will steal whatever user base is left here, thus causing those here to sell and get what they can, while they can. Which will put things into a downward spiral that will not be easy to come back from.

Eventually the price will bottom out and something of value could feasibly be built on steem, but it will only get harder and harder with a much lower price of steem and much lower market cap and lack of visibility and resources.

I mean we have had trouble funding a decent project on here with steem prices over a dollar for a long period of time, what chance is there with prices sub penny?

And don't forget about the witness pay coming in steem... but their costs fixed in dollars... a very low price of steem will cause issues there as well.

So, you see, the clock really is ticking on and in effect, steem.

I agree with some of this, but not the part about steem benefiting if another social project brings the masses in. Steem isn't but for all intents and purposes, it really is. If dies, which it likely will when a better run project with hundreds of millions in backing comes along ( which one is btw in less then 2 months). I don't see how that will possibly be good for steemit, and in turn, steem.

It will steal whatever user base is left here, thus causing those here to sell and get what they can, while they can. Which will put things into a downward spiral that will not be easy to come back from.

I'm sure some people would sell. But let's imagine some other blockchain-based social media platform managed to tap into a torrent of new users. That would not be possible at all without convincing the general public of the benefits of decentralization. The beginning of mainstreaming would mean that there would have to be millions or tens of millions people enthusiastic about decentralization. That would mean the idea of decentralized content delivery including social media would have to be extensively covered by mainstream media outlets. Lots of articles comparing various decentralized articles would be written. Steem as a platform and Steem apps would be covered, too.

Let's assume a decentralized social media platform gained ten million active new users. If Steem were to gain only 1% of that, that would mean 100,000 new active users. We have maybe around 15,000 active users at the moment. Even a small piece of the pie would result in massive growth. Even if a half of us packed up and left, the number of the people leaving would be dwarfed by the newcomers. Another decentralized social media platform going mainstream would create so much positive news coverage in the crypto space that it would most likely result in a massive influx of speculative money. Cryptocurrencies tend to be highly correlated assets. The success of some will lift all the boats in the big picture.

Eventually the price will bottom out and something of value could feasibly be built on steem, but it will only get harder and harder with a much lower price of steem and much lower market cap and lack of visibility and resources.

I mean we have had trouble funding a decent project on here with steem prices over a dollar for a long period of time, what chance is there with prices sub penny?

And don't forget about the witness pay coming in steem... but their costs fixed in dollars... a very low price of steem will cause issues there as well.

So, you see, the clock really is ticking on and in effect, steem.

This is why it is very important for projects on Steem not to rely on the price of the coin to fund anything. Digital collectibles is one area where the chances of relying on direct fiat funding are good.

But I do agree on the point you made about witnesses relying on STEEM price. That's why it's vital that MIRA gets rolled out in the near future. It will be much harder to withstand much lower STEEM prices or to scale without bringing the cost of running a full node down.

Who are those competitors?

I guess its EOS blockchain trying to make their own social media like steemit, just heard it from some youtubers.

if it is EOS, this means Dan Larimer is screwing us together with his markymark companions

A lot of things going on on blockchains. And there are other new ones soaring high.
Steem blockchain is quite slow, it started April 2016 but still struggling at Rank 59 on CoinMarketCap.
EOS started July 2017 and now it ranks #6, it even reach Rank 4 for the past weeks I guess.

I don't know why steem blockchain is very slow to develop.

First look at the top witnesses here:

and then watch this video, don't forget the last 5 minutes

Oh he's now on rank 2!
I didn't actually watch the full video and I don't know the whole story.
But I guess life will go on no matter what difficulties will come along the way.

I wish you all the best man! is a crypto focused marketing agency (I am it’s founder) we’d be happy to help!

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Steemit first has to get rid of all the actors inside in the top center who are sabotaging Steemit from within, it's the Steemit witnesses themselves that are destroying the Steemit blockchain:

Fully agree, the only thing I hope is that whether not be too late for Steem

Um no steemit inc has NOt sold 75 Million dollars worth of steem....

Blockchain forensics. Transfers to exchanges from the known steemit,inc accounts and the price of steem on those days. It's not an exact science of course hence the word "roughly", but it is a rough estimate of what they transferred and the prices on those days. Do the math. It's likely not exact, but in the proverbial ballpark.

I think Steemit would have more success buying ads directly from influencers in which you pay influencers to post something (or even a few somethings, spread out) about and Steem. I have a feeling that these twitter ads wont convert well, imo.

Paying an influencer and tapping into their existing community to spread your message has far better conversion rates and also allows you to get a more complex message across. Just my two cents. With a bit of luck and good communication, you could also potentially even get a few influencers to start cross-posting to Steem.

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Influencers are by far the cheapest way to get more users here and definitely would convert better. We've had plenty of them stopping by on the platform, but most have moved on because they don't get much attention. I've suggested in the past to Steemit Inc that they could provide some encouragement; maybe one day they will get serious about this strategy.

100%. Steemit has a myriad of ways to offer encouragement to influencers who use/promote Steemit and the Steem blockchain:

  1. Pay them directly with fiat or crypto
  2. Offer them a small stake of STEEM for using the blockchain - either through delegation or actual powered up STEEM
  3. Small but meaningful upvotes to their content

Again, all of this should be done with some sort of guidelines that are clearly laid out for the influencer... X posts per week for Y number of weeks for Z payment/delegation/upvotes.

Steemit is in an incredible position to onboard quality and engaging “mid-size” influencers from Twitter, IG and elsewhere because of the tools at their disposal. It’s a matter of using these tools correctly and with the right influencers.

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Yeah it would be nice if @ned actually woke up and started using tools like @steemtaskr but its a shame him and @andrarchy never seem to want to do any real work to promote steemit, nor does ned want to grow up and start subsidizing free instant accounts, and realize that no one is going to BUY an account for a social media platform that MUST be free and always has been always will be.

Ned just HAS To pay and no one wants to hear any nonsense about how its a liability to pay to create new users, no sorry its no liability to ensure the future of your social network, because there is no other way at the moment until Ned pays someone like @pharesim to upgrade his https;// to allow whales to pool their SP for free Blockchain subsidized account creation on mass. Until that ius created Ned MUST subsidize free account creation again or steemit will be stunted forever and never recover. We have until June before the` Block One MEOS announcement by @dan who is the CREATOR of Styeem/STEEMIt and has SAID he is IMAGINING STEM and that Steemit is running out of time

We still have trevon james. (just kidding)

That seems like a decent use of resources to me as well.

I also agree with this. It's not like we arent already massively spamming Twitter everyday as is. We need more bang for your buck and more loyalty

It's a refreshing step, but you guys need to hire some pros. Really.

i second this

the ads banner a bit clashing with users banner, making it look messy or cheap?

^ Not a big fan of promoting the fact that Steemit has banner ads. Seems like it could have a counter effect on trying to raise awareness for Steem... why not focus on enticing new users and let the banner buys happen organically from the increased exposure?

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1 million+ accounts, no? Not the same as users...


So let me see if I have this right...

You’re buying ads on Twitter to let everyone (and by “everyone,” I mean, “the few people who will actually look at an ad”) know that...

Steemit has ads???

And then you’re touting numbers that you know are bullshit, even though these BS numbers are still embarrassing? You think a 5% active user base is good?

FFS, guys...just stop. It’s bad enough that STINC has no business and marketing sense. We don’t need more people joining in the ignorance and stupidity. This is just going to waste a lot of money for no benefit at all.

Maybe it would help if anyone here actually knew anything about social media demographics, SM growth, and maybe just SM in general.


Dear Steemit inc. what wonderfull news! First you waste millions of USD for any thing which was useless and now you try to get some money with the Ads on the site. Are you knowing that you are selling our userdata to the companys? By give advertising here to rent, you show the companys our user behaver. WE Steem users are here for a free and open plattform, which is not sold by our behavior on the computer....... In my eyes, this is not the right way to bring again steemit to the top.

The other point: So many useless changes are done in the past. Same like the new "Down vote" Button. You can invest the developers work in much important work as a Button which makes it easier to downvote each other.


There are much more important developments needed, like SMT. You promised it to the community and failed badly. I must truly say, that there are other Blockchains out there which are lightspeed faster in development as Steemit inc. If you will not change your mind of goal, Steemit inc. will disapear very soon and the Steem will go fully into the users hand. You will knock off yourself!

Until now, Stemit inc. didnt understand what we need here.

Not only me, but other users too- they block the Ads here. But i understand- you hope that will be again a very famous website with high rank, like it was before- than- the money is rolling to your pocket. But remember, this is not the goal to fill your pocket with our users which you bring after all now near no development!

That’s some decent news, the community has been marketing steem on twitter for over a year 🤷🏼‍♂️🤣

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Steemit inc. is crying that there is no money left- but hey- for the expensive Twitter there is.... We as user make allready advertsing on twitter. So better Steemit inc. will take some other way, like influencer..THAN we will get people here again... But sorry, i forget- its more important to ad a new "Downvote Button". Are we here to downvote ach other, or to upvote?????


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I hope we will see many new steemit users

I can't say I ever made any good success from Twitter Ads the cost of them is crazy high. Organic has always proved to be better. Instead of paying twitter for ads ask the community to help. Write up a high quality article about how to get started on steemit, don't take any payment for it and ask the community to go retweet it. You will most likely have far better reach and would be good to do with any major updates done here on steemit/steem.

You legit have thousands of users eager to help and get Steem and steemit to grow start using that it is a free resource with massive potential.

There are a lot of STEEM users on twitter already spreading the word so don't be shy to link up with them and get the message out there. We will all play our part.

Justin sun does it free for tron everyday 😂

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Not the best idea, but a good idea!


What's up with all the ads apearing EVERYWHERE on Steemit, I thought these were only supposed to be for people not logged in?

Why show visitors we put ads on everything? Make them think it's ad free, until they join and invest their money here. Then they realize, all the users are constantly advertised to and profited from. Brilliant :D

I see, of course, how could I have been so blind. Lure them in until it's too late to go back - you're powered up now, sucker! ;) Funny how everybody loves to bitch about this place but somehow there's a core group of people still sticking around.

But for real though, I had an adblocker installed and temporarily removed it and really... the ads are everywhere now...

You should participate in Brave browser ads

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Great idea, thank you!

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For me I guess Steemit is acting quite slow.
I don't know the reason.
But I'm still hoping for the best.
Good luck!

Speaking of ads...
The ad that "pops down" from the top of my browser screen is too big, and hides useful (necessary) information/tabs at the top of every page. Please, it's making Steemit very hard to use.

I know that you started ads on STEEMIT and in twitter I am already promoting STEEM with seven77 movement with our leader @nathanmars and hope you are aware. If not please check. We as a team putting lot of efforts in twitter to make steem more popular. Thanks

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I worked for Facebook in ads before (now I'm in academia). I'm really happy to see that Steemit is adopting ads. But eventually ads should be sold by auctions. The main ads have been vacant for months. You may not be sure what's a good price. That's why ad auction is needed. But it'll be very difficult to implement, considering the current resource of Steemit Inc. Probably impossible. Maybe it's still more profitable to use a third-party solution rather than selling ads by individual contract.

Plus, eventually ad-revenue sharing with the authors should be introduced. Without it, no influencers will come to Steemit. Currently, PoB is almost dead. While they don't care about votings much, no one want to be compared with random posts with much much higher votings. But we all know that good posts are read much more, so ad-revenue sharing is a must.

Google earns more than $100B, Facebook also earns more than $60B from ads. Without it, how can we properly reward authors? Impossible. It just looked possible due to crypto bubble, which had ended.

In that vein, it might be wise for them to join an ad coop of sorts. There are a number of companies which facilitate this very easily and can supply ads and pay a fee for the space on Steemit. It will be in fiat, but it's a revenue stream and doing this will align their goals for a larger revenue stream from that coop with acquiring and (more importantly) retaining more users.

The main problem of Steemit was never a marketing issue. It's always been a user retention issue. Social Media sausage factories don't have a long shelf life.

I just want asking to you where is Smart Media Token (SMT) how long we wait for mainet?

SMT was nothing but a pipe dream. We've been told it was on its way since January '18 and before.

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3 years ago I said that we should be marketing, I gave loads of ideas from in-app marketing to getting a share widget on other sites, but no I was told, Steemit's not ready I was told, Steemit's still in beta mode I was told.

Lol I was told, how can we market it when it still takes 2 weeks to get a Steemit account I was told.

I mean, as far as I'm aware, when a new user signs up, one it still takes bloody ages and two, after posting once they do not have enough RC to reply to any comments or post again for days.

Great time to advertise.

This would make quite a good comedy...

a tragic comedy.


I think I may have the only web page in the world with a share-on-Steemit widget/button on it, but I'm considering removing it.

Wow! Can I see it? :-)


See it here (ignore the rest of the page it's on, just another test), get it here. I slapped it together quickly and it was Designed at the Keyboardtm, so feel free to improve it.

Ah man that's sweet, shame it was never pushed :-(

Why do you want to remove it in particular?


Remove from my donations page, I meant, not from Github; maybe it is useful for somebody, who knows.

Why are you saying @themarkymark has "administrative" levels ? Dude you DOnt get it, you can buy asmuch Steempower he has

You keep bringing up the Faq... the FAQ is not the ten commandments, its not some sort of code is law situation... its proof of stake, anyone can flag you... @ned doesnt care dude , peopel get flagged, @themarkymark has Steempower that he acquired, and you cna acquire steem too and COUNTER him

DOnt ask Ned to do that for you..... HE DOENST HAVE ADMINISTRATIVE LEVEL being a Business doesnt mean STEEM BLOCKCHAIn is

'When you say your offering something in oen way but you dont deliver on it that is fraud"

"By Proxy of the cofounder, pof doing nothing about the suituation about markymarkl, THEY ARE committing fraid by regul;ar business law"

regular business law

hhaha dude come on 39:00 thats crazy man i fgotta show mark in right now

Youre saying they are committing fraud, lol

the guy you are talking to is Dave Kelso from , not me LOL

... and it only took you 3 years.

Steemit's problems should have been fixed before advertising it. I brought people and they all quit. Why advertise when people are going to come here, see it's garbage, and leave?
This place is dead and if you don't see it you need to stop drinking the koolaid. Even the guy who made it quit, he only came back when a fork was threatened. He, and the other large SP holders, are going to milk this thing dry until it's dead.
Why would you bring new people to that?

That was also the question I was wrestling with. Marketing and promoting an unfinished and crippled product before remedying the flaws is as stupid as fuck and works contraproductive. I have a marketing degree and what I see here on this platform happening is beyond surreal. I think this "marketing" spin is just an inside joke from the big top 15.

That is awesome news 😉

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Awesome news, good for our communities.

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This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

Really happy to see Steemit getting promoted, now lets just hope that Devs start taking more seriously

Great initiative, continue the successes and steemit keep growing.

Definitely never late than never, making the first step after a long time

Guys...we must popularize steemit like fb,WhatsApp...then market will definitely increase...

Such marketing actions are extremely important and Twitter has a huge force.

I hope that all this works because with Steem / Steemit being more valued it will certainly keep those who believe in it active and also, it will bring a new audience.

It's awesome than we finally see many small improvements. Unclear why the price is dropping but whatever I believe in steem!

It's because of posts like this about "marketing" a crappy product in beta and refusing to fix this first that the price drops. And I suspect they have done this intentionally, as we are now close to a hair from the All Time Low. If it still falls deeper, I will also put on my tin foil hat. :-P

Not a fan of this. Twitter ads are so expensive for the traffic one gets.

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Congratulations! You have completed the following achievement on the Steem blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

You made your First Comment
You got a First Reply

You can view your badges on your Steem Board and compare to others on the Steem Ranking
If you no longer want to receive notifications, reply to this comment with the word STOP

Do not miss the last post from @steemitboard:

SteemitBoard to support the german speaking community meetups
Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

Hahaha. Better later then never. Anyway hire a pro.
And guys be so kind and give steemians like @stephenkendal more high upvotes.
He does an awesome twitter job for steem since years.

What's the name of the twitter account to follow?

This is the kind of news we want to be hearing , Steemit need more awareness schemes like this, Thanks to all other guys such as @nathanmars on #seven77 who have taken it upon themselves to create such awareness initiatives. Long live steemit!!

Already Started #seven77 💙 #steem ♨ On ! with LOVE ♩♬

May the Steem ♨ Force B with Us ! 💙 ♬♬

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Congratulations to Steemit for finally bolding up ways to promote #steem through ads. The #steem ad campaign is an amazing exercise every steemian should want to engage on.

It's great to garner attention from other platforms, but I'm not sure how effective ads would be on Twitter. I think that it would be better to target places that would higher interest on here. Examples would be people that are searching for alt-tech, interested in cryptocurrency, and people wishing to discuss topics without fear of censorship.

thats great

100 burpees on time?

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yo... check out some of the marketing material that was created by @timcliff 's social media contest...

some good mematic stuff came out of it...worth doing A/B testing to see which does better..connvetional banner or memesteem

I was going to suggest something... but then I realized it'll be better just to shut up.

I've been puzzled by all the surreal things I see happening on the Steemit platform and it seems to only have increased the last weeks and days.

I tried to make sense of it all a new theory for the Steemit collapse and the continuing bot-abuse against small fish by the witnesses is as follows:

Who benefits most with Steemit failing?

I see 2 categories:

  • the political/industrial establishment that see a big treat in the "free speech" element of Steemit. Some of you might underestimate this element, but I like to test extremes and I have done also on this platform. What I have been able to post here would have been enough on many a forum to get banned for life.

  • second category: the competition:
    Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. do they really need another competitor?

How easy would it not be for these 2 categories of groups to make some sort of silent agreement and buy a substantial amount of the Steemit witnesses - money is not a problem for these guys. And these witnesses can then slowly but steadily toxicate the climate here, so that people who were lured in to this platform with promises or try to earn a few bucks, suddenly get a mack-bot downvote subscription out of nowhere, get almost no attention and see others with almost zero content upvote by an army of bots from another witness.

And so sadly this platform is phased out. Because it is so easy to do it.

[ ] you understood what witnesses do

So you are giving up on SMTs to waste time and money on bullshit nobody cares about that will fail miserably? Got it. Good thing we have Steem-Engine to succeed where you have failed.

Great idea!
I upvoted and resteemed this post!

Dont mind the response. In this case its missplaced. People are nitpicking and its dumb.

On a side note id try and promote the MIRA thing a bit.

"STEEM just reduced the cost of running a node by 400%!!!"

(Or something like that).

"Running a STEEM node now costs 30 times less then a EOS node!! (I dont know the proper numbers)

Stuff like that. Rub it in Dans nose.

Maybe getting in touch with CCN is a good idea. Just putting stuff out there.

This will be good for promoting steem. Whenever people will know about steem, i think will accept.
Thus steemit will spread.
Upvoted and resteemed

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Let's not forget the other great potential hiding in Steemit.

I would recommend ads like these:

banbot 1.jpg

look at me im committing "fraud" by downvoting

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